Feb 21, 2010

Child Friendly Stained Glass

I did this craft with the kids about a week ago...for some strange reason there were other things going on so I wasn't able to get this little *tutorial* up as quickly as I would have liked. :) Here's what you'll need:
Some old crayons (or new ones if you don't mind sacrificing them...)
Wax Paper
Two dishtowels (they won't be ruined)
Cheese Grater

First you'll want to grate your crayons...try to pick bright colors. We used a lot of green and blue and when they were later melted together they turned kind of black. :( I think it would be best to stick with oranges and yellows...pinks and reds.
After you have the crayons grated you will want to tear off two pieces of wax paper. Turn your iron on. Place a dishtowel on your ironing board and then a piece of wax paper (the towel is just so that the wax won't stick to anything...hmmm...maybe this step isn't necessary? Do it anyway...) Let your child sprinkle bits of crayon onto the wax paper...

Next *sandwich* the crayon bits by placing another piece of wax paper on top and then your second towel on top of that.

Carefully iron over the towel using even strokes....take a peek to see if the crayon is melting...if not keep going - you're almost done!

When all the *bits* are melted together you can cut the paper in desired shape and hang in the window. The kids loved them and I felt "creative." Now you try....

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The Toplovs said...

This is a craft I WILL try. It seems easy enough for even me. :)Thanks.

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