Feb 22, 2010

Inspired by a Mother

I've become very aware at how intensely by daughter watches me...she notices how I dress...the way I do the dishes...how often and how much I love on our teeny Cuddles (aka Tristan.) She observes everything about me, the way I watched my mom.
I loved the way my mom took extra measures into making nice meals for our family...the way she would gift cross stitches to her special friends...the quilts she has spent hours of stitching on to gift each of her children on their wedding day...and now for each of her grand babies. Come to think of it, my family has been very rich in the "arts" so to say. Each of my grandmothers have all given something very special to me - the love for creating.
My Granny Toole was (is) famous for her little stuffed animal friends she would make, she spent hours hand stitching purses, crocheted afghans.
Granny Windham has mostly enjoyed quilting, most of her piece being made from scraps of fabric she has cuts from old dress or flour sacks...and she makes the best biscuits in all the world. My grandmother Grace is gifted in drawing and painting...she can make the most lovely jewelry. She also has a talent with words, she can sit and write a poem in a flash....she also has the loveliest singing voice. My family has not given me very much in earthly riches, but I am still rich in inheritance.

I would love to continue this legacy with my little Squirrel (some call her Trin) and teach her the fine arts of "womanhood" and craftiness...to instill in her the joy of serving others and her family through handmade treasures and good food - whether it be a a crayon colored card or a wedding ring quilt...a homemade lasagna or a grilled cheese toasted with love. :) I want Trin to see the many joys in being a woman - to not fall for the world's view that simple is "less."

Creativity does not need to be extravagant. Sometimes the loveliest of things is the simplest. A piece of fabric cut and then a little flower hand stitched on top (if your wondering what I'm making in the photo above...stay tuned...it is taking me HOURS.) I love too use ordinary items and find different uses for them....

In Trin's room I used an old coat rack to hang some of her treasures on. Speaking of treasures....handmade comes from both sides of our family. On the rack you'll see a little sack full of wooden toys made by Kate and her hubby...such a special Christmas gift to our children last year. That little white and blue striped piece is a hat that their Grammy knitted for Brady and has now been passed down to Trin...soon it will be Tristan's. The little crocheted scarf is something I made when Trin was about one and now fits her perfectly.

I love using mason jars to use as vases for flowers that Zac brings me home or for "arrangements" the kids have made out of dandelions and sticks from the yard. The other day I used a jar for fresh carrot sticks and it turned out lovely because each of the sticks would come out of the cold water all cool and crisp. Creativity can begin everywhere and is so very fulfilling. I think the reason why there's so much joy found in creating is because humans were designed afer the ultimate Creator. He loves for us to make things beautiful...to serve others through kind acts and by giving thoughtful gifts.
I love it when my eyes are actually open and I see all of the beauty God has surrounded me in, all works from his capable hands. Everything given to me in His time, in His perfect knowing. How strange that God knows EVERYTHING...that He delights in me. He treasure's me the very same way that I treasure my wedding quilt...or my dangling earrings made with love...or the roses brought to me on Valentine's day from Zac. God sees me as dear to Him as I see my littles...except He loves me even MORE. I wonder if He ever looks at me sometimes and wants to stroke my hair the very same way that I touch Trinity's curls. If he sees my smiling face and wants to kiss my cheek....if on those random "rough days" he wants to wrap his arms around me and hand me a kleenex. God my Father how I want to delight in you. God my Father how I want to love my kids and show them this world through Your eyes.
Create today...whether it's fixing your dinner and using lots of color....or sewing a little bag or a pillow...whether it's bringing some of the outdoors indoors....or if it's just scribbling on a piece of paper with a toddler...delight in making something...it will bring a smile to your face - I promise.

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MOM said...

You sure know how to touch a heart.
I have always felt blessed having my mama as my Mama and love the others God has brought into my life. You are a beautiful mother and are teaching your daughter well. I love you, MOM

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