Mar 31, 2010

More Brady Conversation

Brayden : "Hi mom, I'm just a princess."

Me: "Oh, you mean a 'prince' since girls are princesses.'

Brayden : "No mom, I just want to be a princess."

Me (slightly agitated but not showing it) : "Well, don't you want to be a prince with a big sword?'

Brayden : "No, I just want to be a princess mom."

Me : "Well, okay but I sure do know that girls are princesses and boys are princes. Or...maybe you could be a king?! " (getting more agitated but trying to sound excited instead of annoyed.)

Brady : "I just want to be a princess."

Me : "How about you be a princess tonight and then tomorrow or the next day mom will try to make you a crown for a prince - okay?"

Brayden (thinking very seriously about the proposal) : "Umm...okay...that would be so nice."

Me: "Good. Now, why don't you go get ready for bed okay?"

Brady : "Alright mom" ....he takes off in his flip flops only to trip on them...

Me : "Uh tripped on your flip flops!"

Brady : "Oh...these are just my glass slippers mom."

I kept my mouth shut....grrrrrr....


Briana said...

Oh, boy. I have the same conversation with my four year old. He says he wants to be a mom when he grows up. They'll grow out of it!

CorleyAunt said...

Just think of it as them getting in touch with their feminine side. LOL. When they're grown and their own wives are moaning and groaning about how insensitive they are behaving, you can tell your daughters-in-love, "I just don't know why he is acting that way. I KNOW he knows just how you feel, dear, because when he was a little boy, he was a princess for a day!"

Grammy said...

I had to laugh out loud at that! Peter used to want to be a princes, too. Don't worry; he's not seceretly gay. He'll want to be a prince soon enough. With the role models he has, he will be JUST what God designed him to be.

He is just SO adorable!

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