Mar 7, 2010

Saturday at El Mercado

About 20 minutes from our house is a place known as Big D's...aka - Little Mexico. Hundreds of people set up tables full of used household goods, stands with vegetables, rifles and a large stash of ammunition (you didn't hear that from me), even the spare bleating goat and crates full of laying hens and roosters.
the roads are crowded and dusty, normally I feel rather pushed around by the end of the "tour" but just feeling like I'm in Mexico makes my spirits soar. There is even about 4 different stands that sell corn like Zac and I use to eat in chihuahua...kernels shaved off into a Styrofoam cup and drowned in cream....then sprinkled with chili powder with a healthy(I use that word lightly) dusting of Parmesan cheese. Delicioso.

And what makes my heart soar even more then the "walk down memory lane" is the fact that we were able to land the sweetest deal ever - TWO tricycles for 5 a wooden pull toy for Tristan for 50 cents. Score.

1 comment:

Lesley said...

this just looks like such a good time!

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