Mar 7, 2010

Treasure Hunt

Its been a slow sweet day. I needed sunshine and this weekend did not disappoint. Good for the spirits, good for my soul. I love the fact that even if we are mostly indoors on a sunny day the afternoon feels more least i feel more production (must be the spring in my steps.)
First off, I know that a clean kitchen should not be a priority, nor should it be my personal battle all day long....nor should I see myself as worthy as long as my kitchen is clean. But i shoot me. Maybe that's why today has been so good...there has been virtually NO dirty dishes littering my counter. "Why the change?" you ask. It's this simple....the dishwasher broke. I know....funny. Shouldn't it be the opposite? No matter how i try to stay on top of the never ending mound theres always a mess and I think it's because i can't stay on top of the rinsing, stacking, loading, washing, unloading, putting the next load in....half of the ones that went through the wash come out on and so forth. Today i just always had soapy water waiting with a squirt of the most delicious smelling lavender dishsoap - I had the kids wash their own plates afer meals. Worked like a charm...they got to play in water and I had a clean kitchen.
Spring has been in the air today. It was sunny enough to take Tristan in the Beco outside and search for "buds" with Brady. We walked all around the yard observing the various kinds of buds (I've never done that before) and then we discovered different mosses on the big oak in the front yard. We watched a couple of birds fighting in a tree, we hugged the cat (he was delighted to have friends outside with him), i pushed tricycles for what felt like miles even though in reality it was only minutes...ahhh....spring is coming. I know I'll be crushed next week when the rain and cold begins again....hopefully i soaked in enough sun today to carry me through the next weeks. Tomorrow I'll try and get an extra helping of the ol' vitamin D just to make sure i have some in reserve.

Brayden has had such a good day. The last week has been awful for him (us.) I think it has to do with him sensing some of the sadness in our home the last week but he really was just so horrible. He was above and beyond sensitive, even screamed at us for two different afternoons. His questions and obsessiveness was heightened and he was just SOOO sleepy. He bit Trin for two days in a row(picture me gasping and holding my throat as if I'm dying) and he also hit her several times....once leaving a mark on her cheek!!!! I was above beyond horrified to say the least and felt very ill equipped to handle the situation. But, we got through one was burned at the stake or lost their senses even though i DID take one two many showers in the last 6 days.
Now today he has been the best kid in the world. He has done everything I've asked him to do immediately and with a sweet attitude, he has been loving to both of his siblings, he ate half of his rice (he loathes rice) and he's told me that he loves me about 25 times in the last 6 hours. Something strange is going on around here...must be the sunshine!

I caught Trin pushing her baby on the swing singing "Swing Lo, Sweet Chariot " over and over. Precious.

Another fun part of our day was sorting through all of my "memorabilia" I had stored away in the shed. Since it was so warm out i thought it a good time to go through my rubbermaid container full of memories to decide which to keep and which to throw away (the item, not the memory). Oh my gracious - my feelings got a good going over. Floods of memories came over me as I sorted and could remember the exact moment I received some of these precious articles. The two bows at the top were some of my prized posessions. The ruffly one was my favorite given to my on my 4th (?) birthday by a boy (I think his name was Ross)in language school. I had a crush on him as big as and Ross and his undying affection all bottled up in the little purple bead atop the plaid and ruffles. The red velvet barrette i wore to a mother /daughter banquet at our church in Florida the year before we moved to Mexico. I remember that dinner so well because I felt so grown up...all primped up going somewhere special with my mom and my grandmothers.

Brayden LOVED finding my robe from my kindergarten graduation. He has been wearing it all day and even at this moment he is in his bed drinking hot tea and watching Anne of Green Gables....looking like he was about to graduate highschool (or from k -5.) Too cute....i think it will be his now. :)

Ah yes....and my very first Kodak disc camera....where my love of photography began. I remember being in El Manzano the first time my family met Mr. Don Burgess and he gave me a few "tips" on taking pictures after he looked over a packet of my *work.* One thing that I've come away with after going through all of these things is just how seriously kids take dressing up and going out with my mom, or loving photography and thinking I was good at it....dreams and interests that could be small to some but huge in the heart of a child.

Then there was the part that brought tears to my eyes as I fingered the crocheted handbag made for me by my Granny Toole, the jumper oufit with homemade matching music locket given to me when I was 8 years old from my Granny grandpa and her picture still tucked inside. When I was a child we lived so very far away from all of them that these little gifts were ecspecially was a way for them to be near to me and that really is how i saw these things....and why I still have them 20 years later. In a sense....the little rabbits or the locket, aprons made with love....they WERE my grandparents love.

Mysweet rabbit...still too precious in my heart for me to even give to my littles. i don't know why I love it so but I have always treasured it and i completely forgot that it was still mine.

In the end the kids came out with some great loot....i was able to clear out some of the "not as important" stuff (if that can even be said) and i was able to decide what to keep forever. I guess the most treasured part of the afternoon is that i was a kid again in the warm west, walking through the woods with Abigail (my beloved cabbage patch doll) and her bag of baby clothes and bottles, giggling with Micah as we fed our dog half of our was so fun. Trin is in love with Abigail....watching her and Brady together reminds me so much of Micah and I...the way they play house and pester each other. So special....

And let's not forget my latest treasure. I took this picture this evening while the kids were bathing. I had the two bigger littles in the tub and my smallest little in the basin....who needs a baby tub? I like using this one....makes me think I'm on a prairie or something. Gosh it's been a busy day and I'm off now to put trin down for a good nights sleep....hope you all had a blessed Sunday. Oh, and if you think of it, please send up a prayer for Josh and Rachel. Tomorrow is baby Jacob's memorial. Thanks,

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