Mar 13, 2010

A Sick Little Squirrel Girl

My poor little squirrel girl is so very sick today. I think it's all my fault....I allowed her to play in the rain yesterday afternoon. The kids were so cooped up and it was just drizzling so we attired Brady and Trin in rain boots and rain jackets and let them go out for 10 minutes.This was an attempt to be one of those "fun moms" -now today she has a cold and fever. :( poor thing and poor dumb mama.
Zac's at work today - I woke up to the smell of coffee and a clogged toilet. Hip hoorah (sarcasm implied).After plunging for a hour I thanked the Lord it was just drizzling and mustered up the courage to just use the great outdoors. Now....6 hours later...the toilet is still clogged, Trin is still sick, it is STILL raining and I'm ready for something....don't know what it is....but I'm ready for it.
I DID put my hands to work and created a comforter for Trin's room in a hours time. I took two old sheets I had (one lavender, one yellow) cut them into rectangles and made a huge pillowcase. then I used an old comforter i had in Brady's room (he got blue paint all over it at Christmas time) I cut it, stuffed it in the pillowcase and sewed up the end. Ta fits perfectly and feels so light and airy. I would have used different colors if I had the choice...but that's what I had on hand and it's always nice re purposing something. Plus...the whole thing was can't beat that.
Starting Monday Zac is beginning 3 weeks of over time. This means 3 weeks of being alone all the time with the kids. I'm trying to come up with projects to do since I'll be at the house mostly. Hopefully this rain will start letting up and I can get out with the kids and start planting our garden. I've been de cluttering (when am I not?) and trying to make our house look a little less lived in for reselling purposes. Still no bites on our house....some would be worried about this but I feel perfect peace. A couple of years ago I would have been pretty upset and definitely had a lot of anxiety filled days but at the moment....I'm content. I know that God will not allow Zac to get a job elsewhere and NOT sell our house. I am confident that He has every little detail worked out and we're to just continue living and growing....not allowing worry and fear to take over joy.
Joy - something I need to have more of. I really need to look out at the rain in wonder and amazement that God sends showers for a reason - to wash the earth, to give allow days for snuggling and coziness. I wish my eyes were always open to the bigger picture instead of my little world. Sometimes it just feels to easy to complain - but then I'm always happier when I'm thankful. hmmm....when are we humans going to ever figure this out? I
I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday. i still have the kitchen to clean and bread to bake...more de cluttering to do. But mostly i have a little girl that needs to just be held so I may be crossing all of the other chores off the list today and saving them for tomorrow. Please pray for trin today that she would feel better....for me to be the patient loving mother that God wants me to be....Oh - and if you have a moment check out my brother's blog and see how God has been taking care of them during this new stage in their lives. Thanks.


emily rhudy said...

i let my kids play in the puddles yesterday too and for like an hour and there not sick so your not a bad mamma, that was a fun time and maybe she was already coming down with it. put me on your list for things to do next week.

MOM said...

Well, Trin probably thinks feeling a little ill today after playing in the rain yesterday is worth it. Fun usually cost something! I bet her and Brady were giggling like nobody's business...I can just hear them.

Call a plumber!!!

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