Mar 15, 2010

Today I have....

- watched the cat scale up our front door
- baked two loaves of bread
-drank 1 quart of water
-yelled at the toilet (it just gurgled back)
- did yoga
- had reading lessons with one very special little boy
- cleaned out an entire steralite container of stuff just by going around my house and saying "Do you ever use this? Do you love this?" if the answer was "no' it got tossed.
- washed two loads of dishes
- folded diapers
- thought about my future garden all green and growing enough food for all of Dalton (one can dream right?)
- wished I was in puerto vallarta sitting on the beach with my boyfriend (Zac people....pullleeeeezzzzz, tsk tsk.)
- made a treasure chest for the kids out of an old recipe box and some gaudy jewlery of mine

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