Apr 6, 2010

So I've Been a Bit Busy....

So the days have turned long....and my chore list longer. This makes me smile because although I'm VERY tired come night fall...it's a good tired. I love using my hands and just feeling *productive.* We had a nice Easter...so good to be with Zac for an ENTIRE day after 4 weeks of hit and miss....not having him really ever except a few evenings now and then. His overtime is almost coming to an end...and I can say wholeheartedly I'M SO GLAD!!!! The extra cash flow has been such a blessing, but I'm ready to have my best friend around a bit more - and the kids DEFINITELY want time with their daddy.
Anyways, about the cow pictures - can you believe that one of my heart's desire for years now has been to have raw milk straight off the farm? Now - can you believe that for 5 years now - we have lived 3.6 miles from a dairy farm? Now...can you believe that this dairy farm will sell me milk, any day of the week from 5 pm - 7pm, fresh milk for 3 bucks a gallon?! I felt like skipping. I got directions to their house and Zac and i took the kids last night to watch the cows getting milked, and then the "farm lady" took my jugs and filled them up....and on top of that gave each of the kids a coloring book all about cows. Ah - my heart sings. :)

There's been plenty of *rosy cheek* days as it's been in the upper 70's lower 80's for the last week! The kids have been so ready for bed nearly every night...just from all the fresh air. And there is never ending list of things to be done....setting the bread dough to rise, hauling water down to my strawberry patch (more on that at the end of this post), I planted two trees this week and put out some flower seed which are now already growing! Yippee!

Easter Sunday we took the kids to a park to play and picnic...Zac took this picture of me and the baby. Just thought I'd throw that in here for kicks....

Back to the strawberries. I mentioned earlier that our neighbor is allowing us to grow our garden on their land this year. It's been so much fun to go down there every morning with the kids and just look at the field full of lovely clover and wildflowers....to really feel being outside.
You know what I mean....there's one thing being outside walking on a sidewalk and window shopping...being outside...and then there is BEING outside....walking on earth that has nothing man made or manufactured...or hiking through the woods. All the good earthy smells still being intact....ahhhh...it's a wonderful life.

Here's where we get to plant...in the fenced in area. We are going to have our main garden over by the chicken houses (no more chickens sadly) and then my strawberries are going to go on this far corner since it has good drainage.

Trin loves picking "flowers" to her hearts content. I bought a pack of wildflowers I'm going to grow in a patch in our yard just she can enjoy picking them....maybe that way she'll stay out of mama's patch. :)

Ahhhh...there's just nothing hotter then watching a man till soil. Zac told me that he's not going to be a farmer though. :( That's okay....firefighters are pretty hot too.
Our neighbors have just been so kind....coming over and offering us the use of their different tools and I ask them lots of advice. I think they really enjoy watching us 'young folk' trying to do what comes second nature to them. We've made really great friends with them and our kids think they are the best.

Trin loves Mr. Virgil and is always happy to talk her head off to him with her little tongue hanging out.

Oh...and about Tristan's hair color since I've been getting questions concerning it's color - i think just the pictures are making it seem more red. He does have a little red but it's definitely enhanced in pictures. This poor little guy has been THROUGH IT with teething. Four teeth in three weeks...he's been pretty miserable. I just ordered him an amber necklace from this website that claims ( and all the reviews people have given were def. optimistic) that amber helps with pain. When you wear the stones your skin warms it and it releases some type of a pain healing oil....most interesting but supposedly in Europe people have been using these necklaces for years to relieve teething pain, headaches, menstrual cramps....bad migraines. I'm giving it a go - and if it doesn't work...at least the necklace is pretty!


ashley w. said...

my babies have amber necklaces - they are GORGEOUS and i get compliments every time they wear them, and I really believe they help with the pain!!! they seem to anyway!

CorleyAunt said...

COOL post! By the way, have you noticed how my hair looks so red in many pics? But you've seen in person that it is really kind of grayish brown. So don't worry...it's just his celtic hair gene coming through!

Nicole Spring (Frontier Dreams) said...

We LOVE our amber necklaces, they really do seem to help.
My heart would be singing with joy finding such a sweet farm down the road!

For the bike:
Our Skuut bike is a lot better than I thought it would be. I read the bad reviews, too. They scared me! But then I contacted the owner of the companyand she said there were a couple of bad batches but the problems were fixed. We got the bike in 2008 and K has been riding it almost daily since then with no issues. HTH!

Grammy said...

What is that website!! I've got to get me something! And maybe Dad, too. It might help with his headaches!

I loved the post! At first I thought you were going to write that you had gotten a cow! :-) That'll probably come later!

Grammy said...

What is that website!! I've got to get me something! And maybe Dad, too. It might help with his headaches!

I loved the post! At first I thought you were going to write that you had gotten a cow! :-) That'll probably come later!

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