May 21, 2010

Honey- Do

Wednesday morning Zac and I left the three littles with my good friend Emily and drove to atlanta in a * super quick like fashion* to purchase countertops for the kitchen.
After much investigating I learned why a counters are falling apart. I guess they use to cut laminate counters straight instead of giving them a curved edge so that after a while moisture ruins the particle board....leaving lovely pieces of saw dust and bits of wood all over your kitchen floor...some in your baby's mouth...and on top of all that....give you a HUGE EYE SORE. Ikea has the BEST deal on birch wood counters and it was WELL worth the gas money to go there. I am in love with that store. I found curtain rods for 1.99 (ornate ones), a set of curtains ( as in TWO long panels) for 9 bucks. We've been scrambling a bit around here because we moved Brady into Trin's room and turned our back room into an office. We have wireless now and it makes such a cozy space back there. however, this has left a ton of organizing to do and now I have the job of making the kids room gender neutral....trin's room looked very "flowery" because of the curtains in there. personal handyman has quite the honey-do list now. Here it goes :
- Replace countertops
- mount new sink
- use the remnants from the countertops to make a new bathroom vanity counter
- replace bathroom sink
- fix lawnmower
- patch hole in the wall caused by your precious dumplings
- coach soccer tournament all weekend
- build bunkbed for the afore mentioned "dumplings"
Bless his heart... he already put together the kid's dresser and the new bookshelf for the office...and we are still needing to post their old dressers on Criagslist. Never a dull moment.

Taking the desk out of the dining room really opened up our floor plan and provided a perfect space for the kid's mini table. Tis' a perfect place for snacks and crafts...where things can be at their level with lots of natural light pouring through the windows....

Today has been busy thus far as always. Zac is working and we have been too. :) I made a list this morning of what we needed to get done and the kids were all for helping me and getting to cross off whatever we had completed. The day is cloudy and I'm not quite sure what "after nap" looks like except MAYBE miss Trin will get her crown - she's been waiting for quite awhile. :) have a lovely weekend friends....

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The Toplovs said...

Such a precious picture of Tristan. Your kids all have gorgeous blue eyes. I was hoping Ezra would inherit hubby's blue eyes, but alas, brown is dominant! :)

I'm so excited for the different renovations happening in your home. I bet it's great to have an actual office instead of your dining room doubling as one. :) Although we have three rooms, Jaida is not the easier roommate and so we thought it better for Ezra to have his own space of serenity. :) Our living room doubles as an office, which works fine since we use our computer to watch kids dvds. Looking forward to seeing the kids new room and your new countertops. Little things make such a difference.

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