May 18, 2010

Projects, projects

Folks...I've been busy. What I mean to say is...I've been BUSY. Seems like all of my life May is the month of packed in social gatherings, everyone getting ready for the summer and saying goodbye to the things of spring. We've been home a lot but that's ALWAYS busy...and then on top of that I had a birthday party on Saturday and a baby shower Sunday. Both occasions were super fun but I procrastinated (not like my normal self) and was actually sewing Titus' little birthday gift just hours before the party. Yikes. On top of that my kids continue to make up projects for me...
Brayden comes to me the other day holding his little King man and says in the most polite voice you've ever heard "do you think you could make me a belt and a skirt like Kings wear?" Now... in the midst of making supper, doing laundry and also watching tristan slowly destroy my house - I just couldn't say "no."

His inspiration.

And then of course if Brady gets one....Trini gets one too. This little dress was a yard sale find by Grammy when I was still carrying little Trinity around in my belly. I remember imagining what she would like as a two year old....I just can't believe she is growing up this fast.

Here's Titus' little crown and cape all sewn up and ready for the party. I finally found a use for some of the leftover material from my wedding. We made the bridesmaid dresses for our wedding and one of my friend's wasn't able to i wound up with three yards of this super rich drapery type material...pretty but very "weddingish." It worked perfectly for the little cape...and I still have enough to make Trin one too.

Trin willingly modeled the costume for me in all of her squirrelish fashion. Such a goof.

Then there was the highlight of my week...getting to go to Trish's baby shower. Now....I say the "highlight' because it really was one of the funnest experiences ever....champagne, shrimp cocktails, red velvet cupcakes....melon...the thickest lemon bars I've ever tasted. But what made the occasion super fantastic is that it was held at the Kirby's condo (As in Edd Kirby Chevrolet) downtown Chattanooga in one of the ritziest condos in the city. It was lovely.

Here's what I made Trish for her little James. I call it my Lavender Comfort Cushion. I used a green linen napkin for the front panel and some old flour sack for the back piece....stuffed it with dried lavender flours and added a loop that can Velcro around a crib post....making the room smell nice and relaxing baby. You can't see it in the picture because of the angle but I embroidered underneath the branch "night owl."
So, I come to the end of another choppy apologies. it seems like there is more to blog about now that it is warm but so much LESS time to blog. I will try to keep up. I have another project up my sleeve...I already have the fabric and everything. Check it out here. Ahh...the scent of freshly baked bread is calling out to me...until next time friends.


Nicole Spring (Frontier Dreams) said...

Have fun! I feel tyhe same way. I have been so busy and I have no desire to be online :)

The bonnet pattern can be found here: It's in her shop :) HTH!

The Toplovs said...

Love the next project brewing in you head. What a great way to store books and keep them neat.

The Toplovs said...

Opps. Wanted to say I love your dress and would equally like to dress like that sometimes. Unfortunately, hubby does not appreciate the modern I'm left to jeans and t-shirts. :)

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