May 12, 2010

Wednesday Reflection

I woke up this morning NOT thrilled that it was a new day. Besides the fact that my love was leaving to go on shift this a.m., I also had a swollen throat and just plain old "grogginess." Funny though, how after you have children, no matter how terrible you feel or how "I want to stay in bed all day and read" ,there really are no "sick days" to be had...or my beloved FIVE "personal days" I had with my first job. Really there is just no other choice than to get up and smile...if not for you...for them - and a quiet plea (or loud, depending on your personality) for God to walk beside you and give you kindness. And then as the day *drags* or hopefully *skips* by, God rewards your genuine desire to be a good mother, and He makes your smile internal. Everything starts to feel just a little bit better knowing that He is walking beside you. It's almost lunch time now, and the morning has been more pleasant then the last 10 or so....funny how that can happen when at 7 am was all doom and gloom.
Now, on to what made my morning so lovely...simple things, I know, but they bring a smile to my face and hopefully they will to you. :)

First off, I am inspired to do the dishes after I made this little pump bottle. I got the idea after reading one of my friend's blog where she had one of these on her Etsy wish list. I looked at it for a bit and decided to just make my own. Mmmmm, and full of Seventh Generation Lavender dish Martha Stewart would say "It's a good thing. "
I was organizing my cupboards the other day and opened up this cabinet and I was overwhelmed by loveliness - silly I know. I seriously just took a step back and stared...the whole time thinking "I'm in love with white." I think it has to do with how very clean white can look...I'm in need for clean. Unfortunately, when white is looks very very dirty.

Cowboy Brady has been cracking us up on a daily basis. Brady and Zac had some father/son time and little love came back sporting his new black cowboy hat. He was totally stoked - I let him wear it everywhere that day to his great enjoyment. Today Brady was asking me what Abraham Lincoln was...I told him he was a president...a little bit like a king in our country. "yah" he said back " kind of like a shepherd too, huh mom?" Right after that he looked at Trinity and very seriously said "when ladies get married do they just wear undies?" Trin looked at him totally confused and Brady said "no, they have to where pants too." Thanks Brady for the lesson...we'll store that knowledge away for later.

I took these pictures a few days ago. What does it take to entertain a child for 3 straight hours? A new shiny toy perhaps? Hmmm...a long movie and popcorn, a few m&ms on the side. Nope...just an old box torn apart and then pieced back together with hot glue to create a teeny *house.*

It was fun listening to their make believe family and watching their tiny critters going to bed, eating breakfast, and then going back to bed - repeat about 20 times. Poor little bunny rabbits were probably ridden with bed sores after all that....

Melissa at Checkout Girl sent my my note cards I ordered from her etsy shop. They are SOOOO very cute that I've decided to slowly start re decorating Trin's room in forest critters and knitted goodness....I would like to make some little patchwork throw cushions and some light curtains...maybe sky blue. Trin's room is cute but it's always been kind of a hodgepodge of things given to me and I would like to kind of have a "theme" but it not me to "themey." I just want lots of acorns and mushrooms, little fairies and squirrels....very *enchanted garden/forest*. What do you think?

She is such a special little girl full of imagination and sweetness....a little sauciness on the side. The kids got spunk....and beauty...and loveliness. She has a sweet little heart too - very quick to ask me if she can help or to apologize to us when she's done wrong. She is my heart's delight.

The little homemaker. She loves for me to come and sit in her tiny chairs (I always kind of hold my breath sitting down, as if that will ACTUALLY help me not crush the chair) and pretend to eat soup and sandwiches...sometimes cupcakes. My kids have an infatuation with cupcakes even though I think they've only had them,like, twice.

And last but not least...the plant on the fireplace wasn't really doing it for me. I found this multicolored glass vase and fell in love with it instantly. I have a small fetish for colored glass. I really love the way the pair look together...quite the duo.
Have a lovely Wednesday of our walk in the Chickamauga Battlefield coming soon!


The Toplovs said...

Well, you know me and my obsession for plants, so I quite liked the plant in the living room....but the colored glass is nice too!

We just got over sore throats and such as well. I sure thank the Lord for good health as even something as small as a sore throat makes the day feel VERY long!

I'm not much of a theme person for rooms either. Jaida's is so crazy with cirles on the carpet, flower decals on the walls. However, I do like it to all kind of tie together. If Trin would like an enchanted forest "theme," I say go for it.

MOM said...

That is ONE COOL looking cowboy! Trin looks natural in her little kitchen...that blue dress is adorable. And that Tris just gets purtier and purtier everyday:-)

Kara said...

Lovely, lovey!

And, oh, that box house is one of my favorite things I've seen today :-) What fun!

Hope you are having a great week so far!

Nicole Spring (Frontier Dreams) said...

You reminded me to take pleasure in the little things around the house. The girls and I made our muffins by hand in mixing bowls today instead of using our kitchenaid and it was so much more fun and so inspiring. Thank you :)

Nicole Spring (Frontier Dreams) said...

Please do share how you made that canning jar soap container! :)

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