May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

I have oodles and oodles of pictures to share with everyone - I've been absent for awhile...I know. BUT, tonight my brain is not in *blogging mode* so you'll have to be just a teeny bit more patient with me as I compile my scads of memories into a 3 paragraph post. I DID want to show off my Mother's Day gift given to me by my love. I've been eyeing this necklace for awhile now ever since I discovered Lisa Leanord....and I was so super excited that Zac remembered and TOTALLY surprised me! I will cherish it always....
I hope everyone had a wonderful Tuesday - my morning was lovely with coffee and breakfast with my Bible study group....we have begun the study Fearlessly Feminine be Jani Ortlund (I've raved about it before) and once again I have been totally blown away in my heart and head by truth. If you ever have a chance to buy a copy (or borrow) I know you'll be blessed.
Lots of Love,
Alyssa Spring

1 comment:

The Toplovs said...

so glad you got the necklace you'd been eyeing. :)

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