May 3, 2010

My Challenge, My Pledge

It's a new day....the rain that is suppose to be falling...isn't. Instead, the grass is glistening with dew, birds are singing and searching for breakfast, the sun is peaking out behind dark clouds that are slowly turning into light soon be just puffs of white. I love mornings with cool breezes and hot coffee. I love mornings with crunchy toast smeared with blackberry jam, cold fresh milk....i love morning where I wake to a visit from the laundry fairy.
My basket of twisted, bunched up clean laundry turned into little (large) square stacks of folded clothes...I'm gonna have to save a special kiss for that little fairy next time I can catch him...
Yes indeed, today is starting out perfectly.

Little loves are running in the grass, teeny squirrels digging in the dirt, sleepy Koalas napping sweetly. Soft piano music is filling my sunlit room and I'm reminded that it is a GOOD day. My challenge for the day though is:
When the sun goes behind a cloud, my smile needs to stay in place...not hide behind a frown.
When the little love is having a hard time "grasping" a concept, my voice will stay patient, my attitude kind.
When a scampering squirly squirrel gets into mischief, I will be lovingly consistent, even when it is easier to be swayed by big blue eyes ....
When a napping Koala turns into my crawling cuddles I will walk behind him, teaching him and letting him explore...not ignoring because I have other more *important* things to attend to.
Conclusion.....I will be present.
sidenote : my joy will not be determined by perfect circumstances.

Before publishing my post and searching for a snack for my now starving brood...I wanted to share this lovely book with you...a lovely addition to anyones collection. I found it by chance at a used bookstore and fell in love with the beautiful illustrations and the calm aura of it's pages.

I was able to read it to Brady last night, both of us nestled together in his bed...the end of a very long, very humid day. A gentle breeze was drifting through his room as dusk was closing in around us, and I read the Night is Coming. By the time I had read the last page and we had discussed the last picture, my sleepy Brady was all yawns and completely soothed. I ADORE this book. Click on the link and you can get it VERY cheaply used off of Amazon. Happy shopping. :)

1 comment:

Jeanie said...

My favorite fairy is the dish fairy. Although the laundry fairy is great, too. It's really special to have a man around who loves you enough to dig into a bit of housework - - even without an invitation. ;)

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