Jun 2, 2010

Visiting Daddy = Good Times

It had been such a long time since we had been able to visit Zac at the fire department...basically because of the one car situation. Memorial Day we all got up early with zac and drove him to work so that we could go back later that afternoon and let the kids play on the trucks. It's so fun to the kids to have their dad not only be their hero...but to be a public hero...it's fun to tell their friends "My daddy's a fire fighter."
On the way to the station Brady is always extremely quiet...deep in thought imagining about 5 different "fire" scenarios he's going to act out on the trucks. Usually he gives zac a muttered "hello" and instantly jumps on the trucks and starts imitating sirens and all that jazz...telling zac that they are in a hurry and need to put the dangerous fire out. Quite a sight to behold...sometimes I just wish I could video the kid's whole lives. I seriously imagine my kids...all adults over for some coffee and pie (I hope to always have pie around in my 40's....I may be a few lbs heavier but at least I'll feel *homey*) and us laughing at home videos together. That dream is what inspires me to be so pro-active in recording their little lives through blogging...it's really for the future.

Okay...uploaded this out of order..very random. Yes...that is Tristan wearing a flowered headband..what can I say? I was dreaming he was a girl for about 10 minutes...

Back to the fire department. While we were there we checked out Zac's garden and I was so impressed that the guys take the time to grow things...such a wonderful example for the community and I LOVE all the tomatoes and fresh cucumbers he brings home during the summer. After the garden tour we went into the station where the kids got a special treat...a tootsie roll. Not so special to me exactly...glad they enjoyed it. We had been back outside for a few minutes when the bell went off and Zac had to go on call....he ran to the truck and put on his bunker gear and was off.

I stood alone on the grassy hill dealing with...this. Yes...I took a picture of her anguish. She actually started running after the truck crying "daddy!!!!" like she would never see him again. Such a chocolaty mess. He DID come back though and everything was good again.
I thought about it as she was running after him, how precious their relationship is. She feels so bonded to Zac and giggles with him daily, allows him to hold and comfort her...he tells her how pretty she is and how good she is...how sweet she is and what a GREAT soccer player she is. :) He really is a hero huh?

I snapped this shot while we were waiting for Ladder 3 to return...Trin still wasn't too pleased here.
It's been a busy day...not with chores really....more with fun. I met several ladies this morning downtown and we toted 10 kids between the 5 of us on a 10 minute walk to board a bus...a 10 minute ride to the next bus stop...where we then walked another 10 minutes to a "creek" where the kids played in water for almost 2 hours! Then...another 10 minutes walk..another ride...and ANOTHER walk (at this point it was quite hot) and then lunch and home. My kids had a blast and I was very impressed that Brady handled all of the new situations so well. He really loved it...and I'm giving myself a great big pat on the back this evening for pulling it off. It was a good day...and I'm happy to be seeing the sun these day. :)
The Sun
I told the sun that I was glad,
I'm sure I don't know why;
Somehow the pleasant way he had
Of shining in the sky,
Just put a notion in my head
that wouldn't it be fun
If,walking on the hill, I said
"I'm happy"to the sun.
-Jon Drinkwater


Grammy said...


I hope to be eating pie with you, too, when you're 40!! :-)

CorleyAunt said...

The look on Trin's face is priceless! Poor little squirrel. And that Koala is changing from "the baby" into quite the handsome young man!

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