Jun 5, 2010

Yardsale and a Lazy Day

I don't think I've been yard saling myself (I've had two in the last year) for quite some time. A couple of reasons for this....the yard sale quality around here has been kind of the pits. And two - usually browsing around yard sales for hours with little kids just isn't really all that pleasurable. I mean...the "no touches" are endless.
Friday, I had a change of heart. I was on my way to the grocery store (7:56 am thank -you- very -much) and a whole slew of tables and goods were being set up all along the side of the road. Good stuff....I could see the treasures from far off. After you've started yard saling...you can spot a good one from a distance - I really think of it as a talent. :) After I got home we loaded the kids up and went browsing and after a couple of stops i came away with :
- a pair of leather kid's boots
- 7 hand embroidered kitchen towels (different little critter for each day of the week - SO CUTE)
- 4 lovely pottery coffee cups ($1.50 for 4!)
- a throw blanket from Mexico

- a single duvet plus the pillowcase (such a lovely green color don't you think?!)
- pair of old navy shorts for the mama
- a wooden safety gate

- this lovely set of wooden candle stick holders......ahhhh...my head is still spinning from the great deals. Total spent....20 bucks....oh yah...also an Abercrombie shirt and a HUGE hunting knife for Zac that was made in Brazil.

Brady's loves his little blanket set. I made Trin a duvet last week and hadn't been able to make something for the boy yet....just none of the fabrics at the ol' Hobby Lobby really suited my fancy. Anyhoo....a dollar for a duvet and pillowcase...you just can't beat that. AND...it's cute. Pictures of the kids room coming in about a week...we still have one last project to complete before the grand unveiling....wait for it....

Brady has been asking me all week if we could buy him a tie. For some reason he thinks it's something that every boy should have, and I guess he's right. I told him that we would go to the thrift store and get him one on Friday....so he waited ALL week and the thrift store didn't disappoint. We got there and sure enough there was a big rack full of striped,Paisley and polka dots with a big sign "50 cents" above them all. "Go ahead Brady....pick which one you want" I said. His eyes were as big as quarters....just trying to grasp why mom was being so very generous. What can i say?
After we got home Brady made up his little dancing outfit and took Trin for a whirl. I think the tie helped his dancing skills....right as I was ready to take this pic he took a bow.

I had to show off my new little wall decal that I am loving....isn't it so cute? I'm in LOVE with wall decals. I like the fact that some of them look like you have painted on your wall for hours...when really it just takes a few minutes to apply. But then, you have a gorgeous piece of art and no nail holes! I've found that etsy is the BEST place to find decals for cheap and they have TONS to choose from. Sometime just go do a search....I'm already knowing that your wish list will grow tenfold....mine did. :)

Last night I was reading CHILDHOOD MAGIC and she shared a wonderful easy craft to do with kids that they will love. Check it out if you have time - there is a template and instructions and it is easy peasy to make you own balancing butterfly.

We went out this morning to check the flower "bloomage" and weren't disappointed with SCADS (that's really not a great word to describe flowers but I ain't got nothin' else yall) of lilies. So very gorgeous.

Brady had to give his butterfly a drink of nectar

And the garden didn't disappoint either! We had our first salad with our fresh greens and it was delicious....loving that folic acid for my sweetling (aka baby #4) and with turkey bacon, boiled egg and black olives...come to mama. Hope everyone had a happy Saturday and has a wonderful Sunday.


CorleyAunt said...

Dancing Brady with the tie = LOL!
Yardsale finds = SCORE!
Duvet and pillowcase = ADORABLE!
Embroidered tea towels = SWEET!
Creative mama = GOD's GIFT TO HER FAMILY

Love you,
Aunt Robin

The Toplovs said...

Well, you already know my obsession with decals. Glad we can be obsessed together. :)

Isaac said...

It looks like you have a knack for finding stuff in yard sales. Are you ever sorry about getting something? Not because the price or because it is not nice, but rather because you cannot find the right place for it in your house? You can list all your unwanted items for sale online on www.privategaragesale.com - it's totally free. No fees, no commissions - you keep all the money.

Havala said...

I loved all your yard sale and thrift store finds. I also love Brady pretending to be asleep when you took a picture of his bedding :-) So, do you appreciate my effort?

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