Aug 14, 2010

Going At it Alone...for 5 days

The Baby's Dance

~Ann Taylor

Dance, little baby, dance up high,Never mind baby, mother is by;Crow and caper, caper and crow,There little baby, there you go:Up to the ceiling, down to the ground,Backwards and forwards, round and round.Then dance, little baby, and mother shall sing,With the merry gay coral, ding, ding, a-ding, ding.
I've been busy. Very busy. Busy crafting...busy washing...busy dancing...busy singing...busy being a stay at home mom. Zac has been gone for a couple of days now and his schedule for the next few days is not looking "quality time" promising. Basically, it's me and the kids and the house for 5 straight days. I don't ever really relish the idea of being away from Zac (unless the idea includes me and a good friend, coffee and a great conversation) and right now I'm REALLY not relishing it at all. So, says I to myself, "you have to choice. 1) mope around for 5 days and feel bored and sorry for yourself 2) get busy and the time will hopefully fly by and then you can collapse in some type of a coma next Tuesday. I'm choosing the latter.

My first order on the busy agenda is to create a 4 year old Jesus (clothing that is). Brayden is obsessed with Jesus right now...he is constantly trying to recreate Bible stories and talk to me about Him. This makes my heart sing...I love that the Lord is becoming "personal" to my little boy...I'm glad he's interested and always wanting to learn more.
Don't you just love his zoned out expression? This is the look I normally get when I'm taking pictures of him - i think he's trying to figure out how the camera works or something.

Either zoned out or this incredibly cheesy grin. I'm not really sure which one I's a toss up.

Trinity is looking so big. I snapped this picture of her while she was standing in the kitchen talking to me just BECAUSE I looked down and didn't see my baby girl anymore and I started getting a little glimpse of what she will look like as a 7 year old. Okay, I know....jumping the gun a few years...but really...with her hair pulled back and the little light blue collar...sigh. My baby girl is long gone.

Speaking of my big girl....she still is small in so many ways. After a nap she always has to cuddle for a good 15 minutes before she's ready to get on with her day. She still asks me to hold her...she still is LOVING her passy (grrrrrrr) and she still has to sleep with all 47 stuffed animals. Okay - 6 animals (you didn't seriously believe that my kids own 47 of anything did you?) Question for all you DIY ers out can make something like this here basket in the above photo stay in a popcorn ceiling?! The ceilings in our house have definitely become a thorn in my side. I hung this basket for Trin to have all her critters in and it fell on her last night...oops. And ALSO yesterday I had a little brawl with one very menacing laundry basket that decided to fall on my head as I was putting together a load of wash (it was hanging over the washing machine and fell on me just as I was pouring in laundry detergent - scared the bajeebers out of me...hurt too.) So...if any of you have any ideas on how to securely hand a hook in our flimsy little ceilings...I'd appreciate would me head.

I'm trying to be more creative with the kids's a little slow in coming. They have a children's cookbook that we've been flipping through and trying to create some of the recipes with what we have on hand. I've been reading more (thanks to my sister in law Kristi and her sharing with me a GENEROUS supply of children's books) and Brady's also been playing a few computer games (educational.) One of them incorporates different nursery rhymes that he every time I'm eating something that would be considered "lean" he comes up to me and says "hmmm...just like Jack Sprat."

Peanut Butter and Jelly hearts with apple slices is a super fun kid's lunch...easy and cheap too.

And just for kicks and to make me the world's best mom (at least for the lunch hour) I allowed the kids to have chocolate milk. I'm doing all sorts of unusual things lately.... I don't know what's going on with me....I'm feeling a future post coming on. :)

If there ever comes a day when we can't be together keep me in your heart, I'll stay there forever.
- Quote for Winnie the Pooh Children's Classic

And here's the finished my newest project I just completed for little Izz and her fourth birthday....finished it 4 hours before the party. Whew...close one. Trin is always such a good sport about modeling them for me....

I love the length of this cape because when the child walks it's all flowy and when the run it floats up in the whimsical. I edged this one with color coordinating bias tape and i like the also just seems sturdier.
Speaking of last one I completed I never took a picture but, conveniently, the recipient of the little "fall scrap buster pillow" blogged about it. If you want to see it check out Kate's blog. Happy weekend to everybody!


kate fried said...

well, in the midst of your frenzied busy-ness, don't forget we're overdue for a long phone chat!

The Toplovs said...

Future Post? As in.....I'm guessing another one is on the way. :)

Melissa Crowe said...

Hooray! You made me remember how many hours I spent making various crowns for Miss Annabelle when she was that age!

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