Aug 9, 2010

Tea for

On the last leg of our vacation we played UPS men and stopped by Aunt Robin's in Atlanta with a package from Mama C. It was so fun seeing her new place and all of the little treasures about (Aunt Robin as so many gorgeous pieces of art about) and our surprise....she had created some dress up clothes for each of the kids. For the boys she made the most adorable little vests and hats...very dapper. And for Trin...well, she got the works as most girls do. she made Trin a little skirt, tea hat, scarf and then polished off the look with about 15 bracelets and two long strands of beads...and a little tin tea set just for kicks - guaranteed not to break. :)
The kids loved Lolly(they've come a long way with dogs since last Christmas) and we all enjoyed walking around the property. Zac spotted this beautiful bush covered in white flowers with at least 10 butterflies dancing about was so special. Butterflies and me have a special relationship...or understanding. When I was in high school and going through a very confusing...sort of dark and eery time for me...I was feeling hopeless and just generally teenagish. You know how it goes...where do I belong?, will I ever be anything?, why does everyone judge everything about me?, - that sort of time. I was sitting outside and pouring my heart out to God....crying to Him about the pain I felt and how I felt hopeless...and if He were there would He just please send me a sign? I waited for a moment in the stillness...just looking straight ahead feeling as if my prayer had gone up and then had splatted back down, hard, on the ground...forgotten and meaningless. A gentle breeze suddenly surrounded me and I looked up and to my shock, 6 gorgeous light yellow butterflies fluttered by....dancing buttercups in the wind. I smiled and I knew...God was with me.

Ever since that day....time and time without fail...when I have been down and lost, God has always sent me a butterfly. On this day with Aunt Robin I wasn't sad or depressed...but I felt such a wonderful peace watching these little earth angels dance and play on the flowers and I knew God was there.

Here is Aunt Robin with Trinity...and of course Lolly Belle Rose.

We'll all just pretend that Trinity WASN'T chewing Lolly's toy at that moment.

Such a lady. Thanks for the special memories are loved.


kate fried said...

and i love your story about butterflies. it made me get a tiny bit teary eyed, i must confess.

CorleyAunt said...

I had a BLAST! Great blogging, Alyssa Spring! Love you back!

The Toplovs said...

Oh my goodness. That sepia picture of Trin in her little tea hat is so darling. I'd love to create Jaida something like that if I was any good with my hands. :)

I love how crystal clear your pictures are. Great camera or should I say photographer. :)

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