Aug 5, 2010

Getting Back Into the Swing

Yesterday was so normal I felt out of place. I made up my mind the night before that I would wake up and just get at thinking and rethinking what I felt like excuses - just plunge in. It was so interesting walking around our yard and seeing the difference that one week without care can produce. The yard is a jungle, plants were fried by the sun...but the flowers actually had a chance to grow without little hands around to pick them.
Here is my one lone tomato that grew in our absence. The bush was growing and blossoming and is now a lovely shade of light brown...completely burned to a crisp by the sun. Yikes. I think I'll be enjoying this little fella later on tonight on a bacon/boiled egg/ranch dressing salad. Yummo.

Routine is back in place and my heart is soaring. Yesterday the kids and I made little charts with tasks for them each to complete (Share toys, make up bed, Be kind to others....that sort of thing) and we hung them on the fridge. Funny how inspired kids are to do right just for the sake of placing a sticker in the coordinating box - wish I were inspired that easily( I am. I definitely am one of those people that would love a chart with gold stars.) Yesterday I probably read at least 6 books to them, dance 3 or 4 jigs, baked bread, worked out....sewed up a gift for one very special sister. I think I forgot what productive felt like...I love it, thrive on it. Thank God for work.

I'm also happy to report that Tristan is doing well and I think Zac and I will be attempting to take the stitches out of his little finger today. Wish us luck.
Tristan has been growing and he has been practicing standing without holding on to anything and just this morning when I was done changing his diaper he looked at me and put his hands out and said "ah da" (translation "all done.") It was SOOOO cute...wish I could video every new word the moment he says them...someday there will probably be some type of necklace with a recorder on it just for that purpose. My grandchildren will all be wearing them and i'll be saying "Now, why couldn't they have had that when I was a young mother?"

He's also learning new tricks...looking between his legs being the favorite.
And just for kicks, I wanted to share this absolutely CHARMING music video that Kate sent me off of youtube. It's so perfect I think I laughed all the way through the song and the kids LOVE it. I think we watched it at least 7 times in a row. Coming soon to a home near you....3 sets of bird wings.


kate fried said...

i knew you would love it! nick wants to know if you'll make him a set of bird wings also.
so glad you're back in your homey routines! i feel more settled and content just knowing you are!
that pursed-lip picture of tristan - SOO cute!!! it's neat to see him being just as adorable as brayden & trinity, but his own little unique person.

CorleyAunt said...

Soooo...make you a chart as well and put gold stickers on it! The kids would LOVE seeing "mommy" get her gold stars AND it would be a good example for them! :>D There is no reason on earth why we adults have to stop doing the things we loved as biking! :>D

The Toplovs said...

I just noticed your new picture for the top of the blog. Love it. Trin's hair is absolutely gorgeous. I hope Jaida's keeps its curl as well.

Anonymous said...

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