Aug 4, 2010

Vacation Part 2

Needless to say, I'm playing catch up. Catch up on the laundry...catch up on stocking the ol' fridge, catch up on "quiet quality time with the kids" (reading, crafts, just talking), and FINALLY catching up on uploading the 342 pictures from the last 5 days. Yikes.
Last time I wrote we had enjoyed a nice day at the beach and were feasting on meatloaf. Wednesday we were going to go to the beach again...I was making breakfast for all and then Zac and I with Mama C were going to take all of the clan (minus Andy and Kristi) to the beach. Tristan had been playing in his Tupperware cabinet that Kristi so generously gave to him to explore...when I heard the most horrible terrifying scream ever. I looked down to see Tristy at my feet with blood surrounding horrible. After yelling for Zac to come quick and trying to figure out the location of the blood flow...turns out it was coming from his finger (I thought it was coming from his face since he had wiped blood all over his neck.) It was determined that he would need stitches so Zac and I just ran out of the house and left before Mama C got there. In retrospect maybe not such a good idea leaving five kids alone but Tristan's finger looked horrible so I didn't really think - so to speak. Five hours in the emergency room and 5 stitches later...all was well. It was really sad to see him being poked and prodded...he also received his first vaccine just because the doctors were "quiet concerned" and successfully put me in a corner. Oh well...I wanted him to have the tetanus vaccine...I just wanted to wait until after his second birthday.
Brady FINALLY was able to sit down with Granddaddy and show him his America book. This has been a much talked about event leading up to Florida time.

Thursday morning was party time. Kaitlyn was turning 7 so Kristi took all of the cousins to Chucke Cheese for a couple hours of over stimulating entertainment. I always feel so pushed around in that's like there are always over 200 hundred kids (not really) that run around me, steal tokens and try to push my kids out of the way. I seriously feel my whole body start heating up in those places...but the kids loved it - kind of.

We had a little party that night with pizza and cake. I think Kaitlyn probably got everything and anything a little girl could ever wish to receive...we contributed Hannah Montana hair glitter and nail polish to the stash...she came out looking like a little punch rocker immediately after the party. I should have gotten a picture of that.

Friday was another sunny day at the beach and was GLORIOUS. Being there with so much family was really great not just because we got to spend time with them but ALSO because there was at least one time that Zac and I looked at each other and it was just kids. We boogy boarded for at least 30 minutes together...I LOVED it! My first try I rode it in all the way to the shore...I was impressed with myself but Zac didn't see it.

Sometime I'll post about the last part of our trip. I say "sometime" just because I make no promises.
Today I've been busy catching up on laundry and have even done 'school' with Brady. It feels good to be back...a bit lonely though. I thought a lot last night about house things were before our vacation...lots of craziness and events that got Zac and I both out of our routine. I think it's ready to restore all of that...get back in the swing of things - start my simple creative living again...that's when I really do feel the most fulfilled.'s to a busy week...hopefully full of a little more structure and a little more family time....sweet moments with the tv turned off and our hearts turned on....candles lit with soft music....home made bread (finally) and maybe some freezer jam. I'm glad to be home....


Cindy said...

sounds like a fun time....

as to freezer jam...
we love it.

Tyler talked me into trying kiwi fruit once for the freezer jam.
it was terrific!!
we've also made peach, nectarine and strawberry several times. doesn't last long enough!

The Toplovs said...

So glad that you guys got to visit family and have a little vacation. I've always wondered what I would do if there was an emergency; I'm glad little Tristan is doing okay.

Enjoy getting back into the routine of things. I thrive on chaotic structure, as long as there is some routine, then there can be some chaos too. :)

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