Oct 5, 2010

A Makeover

So the last week has brought three main events....the discovery that our son has been being chewed alive by bedbugs for the past 2 months....that strong enough wind does indeed blow over trees (in our very own yard), and old houses with no crawl space + water leaks are quite challenging to fix. Please focus on the words "the last week." Somehow we have not gone crazy....not chewed anyone out...and only had to actually purchase a new bed and a couple pieces of pipe. I'm gonna count ourselves as blessed.
My intention of telling you all about the *mishaps* was to give myself an excuse for not posting our dining room makeover pictures. But, I'm finally back for the moment so here you go...
Zac and I came to the realization a few weeks ago that we were going to be a family of 6. I know, I know.....you think that tid bit would have sunk in already....it still hasn't really. Part of the "slap on the forehead" happened when we realized that our table only sits 4 people....6 is really pushing it and little hands can reach hot pots VERY easily. I have loved our little table but it was time for a change. Also...I'm just not into the whole "country vibe" anymore and the dining room wasn't really portraying our style very much. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE comfy cozy, homey....little antiques here and there mixed with modern...my style is very eclectic. I'm just not into the roosters and the oak wood everything...hmmm...maybe just clutter?

Here is what we came up with. :) For my birthday we went to Ikea and two of the things I had on my list were out of stock...bummer for me but at the same time we decided that since we weren't able to get the other things...we could go ahead and get a table. I LOVE our table...it sits 6 and then has a leaf built under it where you can sit 10 (don't be thinking here that I have more reproductive plans...I'm saying this for possible "holidays with the family." ) The table is solid pine and has the rustic look that I love. We also purchased the matching table that you see against the far wall...I made that my coffee station + wood toy play area...it has two nice shelves for storing baskets that I keep for Tristan to plunder through.

Love this picture. I have a thing for figs....one reason is that they remind me of my Granny Toole and her love for canning the BEST preserves and also it reminds me of the fig trees my mom would water constantly in the sierra...a little bit of home. And of course...the biggest reason this canvas caught my eye...one word - GREEN.

We finished painting two of the chairs green and I really do love the way they look. I still need to sand the other two...and I think I'll just paint them the same color. I went back and forth with making the other two white but decided they would probably end up looking dirty all the time with our clan. Notice the pictures that WERE on the sides of my hutch in the "before" picture....I hung them in the living room. I like looking up at my *littles* faces in the evening when I'm embroidering.

And lastly...the magazine rack I found at Ikea - 10 dollars folks and VERY heavy duty. I love that it inspires me to stay organized and just keep the seasonal mags there....cuts back on the mounds on the side table too. The lamp I've had since Christmas when I was 17...one of my favorite presents of all time because my brother Josh and his wife Rachel got it for me their first Christmas married. It meant so much to me then because deep down I had this desire....the wandering sort - where I just wanted to see the world so badly and just knew that I never would...and I especially had an infatuation with the Eiffel tower and the movie Sabrina. That little part of me is still there (not the Eiffel tower obsession - but the dream of travel) and I love that I have something that symbolizes that time in my life and those emotions.
So...there you all have it. I haven't gotten to Tristan's room because of all the little "set backs" this week but hopefully soon.


kate fried said...

looks super great! i love the fig painting as well... but now where's your hutch?

The Toplovs said...

I am a big fan of simple, clutter free decor. Hence, I really do love your dining room and the colors.

MOM said...

You have that place looking great! I love all!!

CorleyAunt said...

VERY beautimus!!!

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