Nov 5, 2010

Family Update....Gee Whiz it's November!

Life has been happening. Little girls have been growing older, babies growing into who they will become, boys slowly becoming little men (at least they are THINKING they are), mama's belly starting to expand...the world *almost* can see that there is life inside of me....and a husband...always kind, always strong, always available for what is the most important. Life has been good - not perfect - but very good.
We celebrated our first Halloween this year and I absolutely LOVED the fun of dressing up kids, taking them to other's homes and hearing my children say "Trick or treat, thank you for the candy!" I have ecspecially enjoyed snitching Reeses in the evenings...I think that Zac and I have had more of he candy then the kids. :) Our friend had the loveliest party that they called "Hallogiving" because everyone brought a dish to go along with the two turkeys they cooked. Such a fun time to celebrate the fall and others, a time to share (not only food and candy, but costumes and hand me downs)...yes siree, this MK will definitely be celebrating Halloween forever more. :) You can make a holiday what you want to...Halloween can be associated with evil, or it can be a time for people to stand up and say "it doesn't have to be that way...this can be good." The same for Christmas...we can make it a time of greed and over eating, or we can make it a time of family togetherness and praising the birth of our King. My internal fight over whether to celebrate Halloween has finally been put to rest...feels good. :)

Our little busy bee has gone from walking to almost running...he is constantly into everything and is a quick learner. Usually I only have to say to him "no touch" about twice and he gets it! Such a nice break for this little mama. I'm so very tired all of the time, having a hard time finding motivation to get ANYTHING done. The cold makes me want to go into hibernation mode. It's too bad I can't tuck myself away into bed and then wake up the morning I go into labor with Sweet Pea (what I've named this babe until we know who he or she is.) Of course, then I would miss all of the growing up that my other littles would be doing during that time...and all the sweet loving I would get from my I guess I best keep myself awake. :)

Trin has been learning all of her alphabet sounds and LOVES playing matching games (matching cards with words on them to the coordinating pictures.) The last few days she has wanted to help Zac and i cook every meal ... I've let her help about half the time, sometimes I'm just to overwhelmed to have a little person in the kitchen with me. A little sad since I want to develop that helping spirit in her...but by the end of the day I'm just a tad too frazzled to worry about a little kid getting burned or putting two cups of flour in a recipe when it calls for one.
I met with Brady's therapist for the first time yesterday and it was WONDERFUL. She was so encouraging and basically just wanted to talk with me mostly. She met Brady at the end just so he wouldn't feel "jipped' and she assured me that we would find answers. Later down the road we may need to do some testing with a psychologist. Next time I go, Brady will meet just with her in her comfy cozy room and do play therapy...then I will talk with her afterwards.
It feels so good to have this all out in the open and know that we aren't alone...that hopefully soon we will start to get answers. I'm so happy that God directed us towards a Christian counseling center so that we will receive encouragment in the way that only the body of Christ can offer
Brady is such an enjoyable kid...we never want to cut him short of his full potential. We want so badly to just be better parents to him and have learned that we need help. I think God will honor this attitude, even though for awhile it was hard admitting to.


MOM said...

Oh, what answer to prayer! We are so happy for you and Zac in finding a Christian counselor for Brady. He such an awesome little boy! Please do keep us posted so we can follow along with you in the snawers you get, etc.
The children look adorable in their Hallogiving costumes. I thoughtit especially cool that Brady went as a fireman; he loves his dad the firefighter!
Tristan is changing in his looks-and it sounds like in his mobility skills.
Trin is a beautiful princess or fairy, whichever!
So glad that you guys are enjoying life.
Love y'all!

Leat said...

I've been thinking of you! Glad things are going better for you!

Melody said...

PRAISE THE LORD!! I'm so very glad the visit with the therapist went well. It is indeed an answer to prayer. We will definitely keep on praying. When is the next time? Next week? Thanks for posting about it. I think it is a help to not only your family, but maybe to others as well. I TOTALLY agree that Brayden is an awesome little person!

I just LOVE pictures of y'all. Those kids are beyond adorable!

Love you, Daughter-in-Love!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the flu! Hope everyone is much better now. The Breakfast Bars look good. We send our love and best wishes for the busy days there/Thanksgiving/Christmas too. May God keep you all well & happy. Our Love and prayers ALWAYS, Granny Grace & Papa John

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