Oct 21, 2010

Apple Slices vs. Corn Chips

So I start this post with an uninspiring photo of the hutch....just trying to answer several people's "what did you do with your hutch?!" concerns. I hid it behind this wall...so it is still in the dining room - yet hidden from the entry way.
And another uninspiring photo....just trying to meet the "let's see a belly shot"proclamations - sorry...doesn't quite meet the need since I'm not at a "side angle." But really folks, there's really nothing to see yet. I can feel it coming though - any day now the belly will be upon me and it will just pop out like a turkey pin when the meal is cooked. Last time with Tristan....it just all fell out at the same time (sounds real lovely doesn't it? Am I painting a pretty picture?) There's just something about the third and fourth baby - your body just knows what it expects to do - and does it...real fast and all of the sudden. Be waiting folks...the mass is coming.

Life here in Georgia has been good this week. We've all been fighting off a bit of a cold with triple echinacea tea and an olive oil/eucalyptus rub....besides that just trying to stay pretty isolated so as not to share our germs. I think WE picked them up at church...always such a struggle with little kids - wanting to go to church but not wanting to get sick every week...the two seem pretty much to go hand in hand. The kids have been troopers through this I must say, especially since mommy has spent a lot of time on the couch saying "I'll watch you right now but I'm just too tired to play." Isn't that just the saddest thing to say?
A little update on my "internalizing post" last week. I have found many moments of solitude which have been very good and very enlightening for me. I have taken SEVERAL showers (like many more than I normally do) just so that I can get away and stop myself from feeling overwhelmed BEFORE I start to get nervous or anxious - calming myself before the storm so to speak. It's been very good. I'm also trying my best to start filling my evenings with apple slices instead of corn chips. All I can do is try.
Zac and I got to go out last night and the date was just so relaxing .... eating in a dark restaurant (comfort food, not stressing over calories) just talking casually and having no expectations....he then had to coach soccer for a hour so I dropped him off and walked through a book store...went back and watched him work with his soccer boys just like old times. After practice we went to Starbucks and sat outside drinking lattes and watching the outdoor fireplace. Dreamy. I THEN came home and feel asleep by 8:45 pm...if I could lift my drink right now to nights of 10 hours sleep I would (there's not a drop of beverage in the house however...so I raise my hot tea to health.)

Moving on. I found a wonderful Christian therapist who referred me to Summit Counseling Center in Chattanooga and I was able to make Brady's first appointment for next Thursday. I'm a little nervous about this whole thing...letting someone into our lives and telling them deep dark secrets - no, really I'm more nervous about trying to *explain* Brady. I'm scared of them finding major issues to work with him on / I'm also scared that they won't. I know this is the next step for us and that we need help parenting him...and he needs help learning how to cope with normal emotions that other's just take for granted. So, if you think of it pray for us at 10 am next Thursday....that it would just be a comfortable experience.

This little miss turns 3 next Friday and is SO excited about a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting. We got her the movie Mary Poppins and the cutest little necklace with a pouch on it that holds a little wooden doll...found it on etsy. It is SO perfect and so "Trin." I can't wait. We're inviting a couple of her little friends to come and have cake and then I think I'll try to put together some little finger foods for the kiddos...just to make it even more of a celebration.
Shhhh....don't tell anyone but I want another little girl REALLY bad! I, of course, would love another son just because I think about how neat that will be to have a house full of MEN someday...but a baby girl is just a little, well...just a little rosebud.
Alyssa Spring


MOM said...

Thanks for sharing your heart...dreams...and fears. You dad and I know how to pray for you and your little family. You have some fun things to look forward to, Springy, all which God will be there to experience with you.
Looking forward to your next blog!
We love you.

MOM said...

What another lover lovely post! Praying and rejoicing with you.

CorleyAunt said...

YAY, Alyssa! For everything...just YAY! I will be praying for all the "YAY" things! And I totally share your secret "girly" wish! :>D

GGLOVE said...

Does my heart good to see the children and you two too! That is a lovely picture of you Springtime.
My prayers are with you in everything you do with the family and special needs always. Love and hugs forever, GG

CorleyAunt said...

I just noticed the new pic of you and you're wearing your bracelet! I'm so glad you like it! It's 12:35 am and I'm making applebutter in the pressure cooker. My house smells YUM!!!

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