Jan 9, 2011

The Time Went, and He's Coming....

Oh hello toes...you are still there. I was beginning to wonder.
I've noticed with each pregnancy how much harder it is being pregnant...but how much easier it is delivering the baby. Too bad not everything can be easier. I think I'm about 25 weeks along but I feel like I've been pregnant for an eternity. I was thinking on my way home from church today what a huge gift my fertility has been. I know that my last post was about my delivery experiences not being exactly what I wanted....on the way home though the thought struck me "wow, how awesome though that God allows me to carry life...ha ha...at least one time year if not prevented." Such a privilege...even though an exhausting one... I don't take it for granted.
I woke up in the night about 4 times with the worst ache in my hips and inner thighs...I could barely turn over. Zac seems to think that I need to start doing some sort of exercise. :) He of course is extremely right but I would rather blog during kid's nap times then do yoga....guess I should stop complaining about the aches and pains huh?

Zac called to let me know that he made it to Dallas in good time and is about to catch his plane to Atlanta. I can't even describe to you how blessed and happy I feel about how my time alone with the kids has been. At the beginning all I could feel was dread...God has turned that frown upside down and I have had such a good time with my littles. Brady hasn't had any type of full blown meltdown for 4 days - probably a record. He has gotten a bit snippy with me a few times but I was able to just talk to him about the right way to talk to others and how if he will calm down I would be happy to listen - and it worked this time around.
Trinity has given me a huge break from her three year old attitude as well...when I tell her to get ready for bed or go potty...or finish her supper she gets this huge cheesy smile and says "well, okay mommy." The first time my jaw dropped open, the second time I was wondering if she was feeling okay...the third time I just thought "is my little girl back?!"
We've just stayed busy with so many things...errands and coffee breaks for mom, coloring and puzzles...the movie The Sword in the Stone came in the mail and Brady really enjoyed it. My friend Havala gave me the BIGGEST gift yesterday and watched the kids for three hours allowing me to have alone time. Know what I did? Something very "unAlyssa like." I went to the mall, walked into a hair salon and said "I need some highlights." I haven't even had my hair trimmed for about 14 months so this was a big treat. I generally go totally natural but just a few blond highlights just really *perked* me right up! The real reason I did it is because I wanted something about me to look just a little different for when Zac gets home - he likes that kind of thing. And gosh, I got to sit still for two hours and have someone play with my hair...could become a 2 time a year habit around here.

Not only did Havala gift me a much needed rest but she also brought me my Christmas gifts (we haven't seen each other for almost a month.) Do you see it? No...not the oven. That lovely flowered towel purchased from World Market. I almost came apart when I saw how very *me* it was....funny how something like a dishtowel can just thrill my heart.

But really...isn't that pattern just gorgeous? So very feminine without being too prissy or girly. Just perfect.

She also gifted me this little felted ornament that I absolutely swooned over. Such a sweet friend to take the time to choose things for me that really match up with my personality.
Okay, enough of me and my new possessions and hair....on to the really cute part of my life....pictures of what the kids have been up to....

Trin has announced that she wants to be a ballerina and yesterday was taking this dream quite seriously. I put some classical music on and she and I danced for at least 45 minutes....hmmmm....the sore inner thighs explained? Here she is striking a pose before her specialty move....the TWIRL.

Love the tongue that always finds itself in the corner of her mouth when serious concentration is going on....

And the TWIRL is pulled off with fluidity and grace. So much fun having a little girl...I'll be looking up dance classes this summer. I guess that's one good thing about having only one daughter...I might actually be able to afford dance classes?

Really though...it would be such a good time for her to be with other kids once a week or so. Right now my kids see other children maybe 2 times a month IF we get to go to church? Speaking of church....did I already tell you that I GOT us there this morning? I was quite proud of myself.

Trinity and Tristan have been entranced with their new Christmas puzzles....one set from Grammy and Granddaddy and another one from Grampy and Gran Jan. They really can never have too many puzzles.

Brady boy has been enjoying his PBS game on the computer but has also been spending time playing with toys from Christmas...a new development. Brayden doesn't show much interest in toys....once he figures it out he's done with it. But lately he's been imagining things and coming up with the most humorous scenarios. Havala got the children the most lovey fairytale book with gorgeous illustrations and Brayden really likes to be read too. His reading is coming along amazingly...I'm so proud of him.

I post this picture of my clutter just for Zac's sister to see what we did with the old shelving that I use to use as my "pantry." Zac turned it into a desk so there is just enough room for the computer in the back room and then every night we lay down a mattress for Brady to sleep on and then prop it up against the wall in the morning - it's getting harder for me to pick that thing up every morning I'll tell ya.

And Tristan has just been his adorable self...still waking me up almost every night at least once for no good reason. I honestly don't know what's going on because he always falls back asleep but he will wake up at least once, cry for about 10 minutes...longer if I don't go to him....and then fall back asleep. He is the essence of "boy." I can't describe the amount of love the fills my heart when I just look at him...seriously...it's overwhelming and it's ALL DAY LONG that I feel like this...I'm not just waxing poetic here yall.
Thanks for thinking of us and for praying for our family....God heard and I feel so very loved...next you hear from hopefully we will have our *pillar* home.


CorleyAunt said...

Love, love, LOVE this post! I like you hi-lites, too! That Trin has a grin that just melts me. I don't think I had ever seen Tristan's dimple...have I just not noticed it??!?!? Now, about that towel...LOVE IT!!!! Yep. That Havala really knows what you like. What a dear friend!

Melody said...

I'm SO glad things went SO well!! The pictures of the kids are just absolutely precious! THEY are precious! I wish we had gotten Brady to read to us! We'll have to do that next time we're together. I'm SO glad the puzzles are a hit!

Ginny said...

Your hair looks great! I should do the same to mine late April.

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