Feb 23, 2011

Hello From Silent Land

Hello my friends from our quiet space. I know I haven't posted for awhile...no other reason than I just hadn't uploaded photos - and I know that's what grandparents are REALLY wanting. :) We have been busy busy with projects, family time....and I've been growing in the belly department. Well...maybe not "me" really but Finn is becoming quite large and has chosen to lodge his little butt right under the right side of my rib cage...very uncomfortable.
Zac and I have made an official *to do* list and have started crossing off projects. We are painting all of our window sills and doors...installing a new bathroom sink soon...cleaning out clutter, getting the yard picked up after a long winter - the projects are endless and unfortunately I'm not much help. If I even pick up Tristan and stand up I feel like I'm about to push a baby out of me - pretty crazy. I DID take all three kids out for almost 4 hours yesterday so that Zac could be home alone and paint...I managed but was pretty tired after it all. It was fun though and it was so good feeling productive finally. I found THREE dollar brand new throw pillows for our living room couch at Target. Yah for scoring a deal. :)
Zac and I decided last week to go ahead and invest in a family membership to the Chattanooga Aquarium. We haven't been for over three years just because of the $100.00 dollar price tag - but then when we thought about it we were like "where can you take a family of almost six to somewhere that nice for an entire year for that price?" Yah...when you do the math it comes out EXTREMELY cheap if you average going about twice a month. The kids loved it and it was so nice having somewhere they could just run around and be entertained for a couple of hours.

I took this of myself to show you my growing bump. When I was pregnant with Brayden I was told by an aquaitance that I look like a sausage on a toothpick when I'm preggers...supposedly all belly. Ha ha...I guess I can take that as a compliment. HOWEVER....this time around the *back* of me has grown too...guess you can't win em' all.

My favorite part of the aquarium (and Trini's too) is the butterfly atrium area. It's like stepping into a rainforest...warm and bright with gorgeous butterflys flitting about...sometimes even landing on you. I think if they had a bench in there I would just take a coffee and sit for at least a hour.


Unfortunately this is Brayden's LEAST favorite part. In the picture above Zac is trying to explain that butterflys don't hurt us...anything or situation that is unpredictable freaks Brady out. He got much better towards the end though and he was so sweet the whole time just making his little "oooh oooh" sound instead of freaking out and screaming.

Funny - he's scared to death of a butterfly but find sharks super interesting and entertaining.

And to end my post...look at the loveliness that came in the mail from my mama a couple days ago. She finished Finn's little baby quilt and I couldn't be more pleased. I love the way that she chooses fabrics that she thinks his future wife might like...because really...what guy do you know that absolutely CHERISHES a handmade quilt. Not many. How many wives do you know that would love their husband's baby quilt? Plenty - enough said.

I love all of her handstitching...such a treasure.

And for my last bit of newness...I found this guy at Ross the other day. I'm normally not a fan of reptiles climbing my bathroom wall but this one made his way into my heart and reminds me of my southwestern roots evertime I see him....so much fun.
Well, I have a baked oatmeal in the oven to pull out...meatloaf simmering on the stove with some red potatoes and green beans...and a pot of 9 bean soup needing to be put on for tomorrow. I best fly.


Anonymous said...

ah, i loved that aquarium last time i was there...its very relaxing! i m glad you guys sprung for the membership...im sure the kids will get hours and hours of enjoyment out of it! btw...suoer cute boots in the preggers pic!

Janet said...

I absolutely LOVE the TN Aquarium! I'm glad you guys will get to go visit often.
And it pleases me that you like Finn's quilt.
Thanks for the posts!

Michele said...

the quilt is beautiful and I LOVE that your mum thought of the future wife. So sweet and so true. gorgeous new bubba by the way too

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