Feb 24, 2011

Cute Stuff

Me: "I wish daddy was here to help me."
Trin: "I wish he was here to hold you."
Me: "Yah....me too."

Brady: "When I'm a big man, me and my wife are going to take showers together."
Me : "Good...that will be fun."
Brady : "Yah, but we aren't going to play with toys mom."
Me : "Probably not buddy...probably not."


Nonii said...

Awe, your kids say the cutest things!!!

Ben said...

Oh. My. Goodness. WAY too cute!

CorleyAunt said...


BarelySewn said...

Hahaha! very cute.
Hey Alyssa, I was looking around for some new blogs to read and I stumbled across this one... I think you might really like it, I have nothing to base this on... haha :)


hannah singer said...

hilarious! kids are THE best!


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