Feb 6, 2011

Princess Party

My friend Emily has the greatest love for a good party....I mean GREAT love - entertaining is her hobby. She has passed this trait down to her daughter Izzy which is so funny and so good....it's a gift that not everyone has the "knack" for. Anyways, Izz decides that she wants to have an early Valentine's party complete with games, strawberry shortcake....lots of girls (no boys!) and Mommys.This creates lots of work for Emily - but good for the rest of us! So, yesterday I got to go on my first mother/daughter outing with Trin to a girl's only, pink everything and fairy filled party.
Everyone received an invitation to the party in the mail and Trin carried hers around all week - she was SO excited. Since I had been sick all week I totally forgot about the part on the invite that said "wear your party clothes " and hadn't even given it a thought....thank goodness my Gap order got to our house the day before the party with Trin's first little black dress. :) Isn't she a cutie? I love the little headband made by her Aunt Kate - I let Trin decided which one she wanted to wear (Aunt Kate sent several) and I think she chose really well. She didn't wear the sweater AT the party but had to on the way there since it was nippy out. And....unfortunately I had no sparkly little shoes or anything...it's okay though - she's just dressed like her mama. :) I'm not what you would call a *prissy* dresser.

Here's Trin and Izz....notice the crown? Yep....an original made by *yours truly.* :)

The girls got do decorate heart cookies, play girly games...have strawberry shortcakes parfaits in real glass goblets which they downed with pink lemonade. Em also gave everyone a little party bag with Tinkerbell dominoes and heart covered socks...I'm telling you...she's good - I look forward to Izzy's sweet sixteen immensely.

All in all, it was a super special time for me to watch my girl interact and watch her "blossom." I don't have very much one on one time with her and especially after this outing I've realized that since she and I are going to be part of a testosterone filled house (4 boys to 2 girls) it's going to be VITALLY important for me to spend quality girl time with her. Zac and I were talking and we think it needs to start being a priority to carve out time for me to take Trin out alone about once a week...go to Panera and get a coffee and let her munch on a muffin...or little mother/daughter play dates....just girl time. Like Trinity says "Mommy and Trini FOREVER!"
In other news...I have ONLY had my headache yesterday and today for a hour - both times in the morning around 8 so that is a huge improvement. I totally stopped taking all the drugs because even though the doctor said it was fine, I didn't feel at peace about it. I really think that they were/are hormone related because after a little bit of research I read that around 26 weeks pregnant some women get horrible headaches from a hormone fluctuation and they are brought on even more by stress. Well....bingo. I'm 27 weeks and just fought the flu for 3 weeks...not necessarily a piece of cake...definitely a little stress involved there. Thanks so much for all of your well wishes and sweet words. It means a lot to me that you stop by my little *place* here and take interest in my life.


Madeline said...

She looks so beautiful!!! Her outfit is perfect. Gosh, weekly mommy daughter dates sound like a blast.

hayszil73 said...

loved this blog...I am so glad you and Trin got some girly time together. She looked so beautiful in her little outfit (sandals and all) ;) Glad your headaches are better. Will continue to pray for them to completely GO AWAY!!

Janet said...

I must be the most prejudice GranJan in the world! Trinis so beautiful...I see her mommy in those eyes.
I am glad that you are feeling some relief from the headaches...and am glad you stopped taking the Claritin. Those are the symptoms I had with Alegra.
We will keep praying.

CorleyAunt said...

It is one of my very GREATEST joys to carve out that special time when I sit and get caught up with you and yours. It makes me feel so warm, fuzzy, and down-right RIGHT with the world to read what you write and see the pics of those adorable, darling littles! I love you all very much!

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