Feb 12, 2011

What TV Is Teaching My Kid

Every evening we watch Wheel of Fortune with Brady because he LOVES trying to solve the puzzles, he loves hearing the prices of the trips, and he always notices what Vanna is wearing. Here are some of the things that he has said as a result of 30 minutes of tv with commercials...so funny!

Conversation #1
Me : " We need to go get groceries today."
Brady : "okay, and if you're a little short on cash you can take our car to Title Max."

Conversation #2
Trinity : "My belly is a little itchy."
Brady : "You will have to get some Aspercream."

Conversation #3
Brady "I'm a lot better looking than Pat " (referring to the host of the show)

Kids say the funniest things. Brady also thinks now that $1000.00 dollars is way to much money but that we should be able to jump on an airplane AS A FAMILY and just fly to the Caribbean or Puerto Rico at a moments notice. Thanks Wheel.


Cindy said...

I agree...Brady is MUCH better looking than pat!!

we watch wheel most nights too!

Lesley said...

Oh He is sooo funny. Love it!

House of lovelock said...

Hahaa! This is perfectly adorable.

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