May 14, 2011

Cookies and Critters

My little snuggle bug was enjoying Gran Jan today ... totally in a slumbering heaven. Bug has been doing so well and I'm thrilled that he has turned out to be an *easy* baby for the moment - I feel blessed that so far none of my kiddos have had food allergies or the "grumpy" time once a day that I've heard about....knock on wood.

After mom left this afternoon, I got my perverbial *second wind* and enjoyed baking cookies with Trinity. I felt so much like my old self today...being able to bake and snap pictures, make the kids dinner, bathe all of them BY's SO nice having my mobility back and my emotions in check. Feels good to know that I'm not really an emotional basket case and a couch potato - I was starting to wonder.

Brady has been Cheetah Man all day so he missed out on the cookie fun...he still got some samples. Tonight I went into his room to put him to bed and he had fashioned himself a cave out of his mattress and some other pillows for him to sleep in - his last words to me after his night time prayer was "mom, did you know Cheetahs chase Gazelles?" I'm not sure how long Cheetah man will be living with us...I sure have learned a bunch though about wildlife in general - he is a wealth of knowledge.

Speaking of wildlife...we have made the difficult decision to get rid of "kitty kitty." Some of you know that I am NOT an animal person...but when a little smoky gray cat showed up on our porch a year ago there was part of me that just wanted him to stay...maybe the childhood memories of my beloved Tom cat - T.C. Anyways, he was a hungry little critter so I started feeding it once the kids fell in love with him...he has the BEST temperament for a cat I've ever seen. Little kids will come over and chase him, pull on him and get right up in his face and he just "meows." BUT...I detest cat hair with a passion. Even though he only stays on the porch he has begun to take his afternoon siestas in MY outdoor chair...he has scratched up our door and NOW of all things...we have found him using our gravel driveway (a.k.a children's playground and entertainment spot) as his private latrine. This is no good. So, tomorrow we will be saying good bye and good luck to our little friend....I feel like a monster.


Madeline said...

So glad you're feeling more like yourself now. Pregnancy (and postpartum for that matter) can be so rough. Don't feel bad about the cat. I had an indoor cat when Levi was born. After Levi started crawling she had to go live outside. All the hair and the litter box and the crawling baby trying to get into the litter was too much. Sadly, she disappeared after a few months of being outside. I felt guilty, but like my Aunt told me, "You have to decide between your kid or your cat. It's not a hard choice."

The Toplovs said...

Ever since having kids I have fallen out of love with pets. It's enough to sweep up crumbs after meals, let alone deal with pet hair, slobber and smell! But....maybe one day when the kids are older and if we have a fenced yard, we might consider getting a lab. For now....I am enjoying being a pet free home. :)

HipHome said...

I am JUST getting around to catching up on blog reading. Life has been crazy around here. So glad to hear of Finn's arrival. Just this morning during my devotions I came across the name Phineas which made me think...ooh I love the name Finn....and then I read your blog! Too funny!
So glad you are doing well~

Jeanie said...

Hey Sweet Springy!
How I love reading about your precious family! I'm so thankful that you are doing so well now and enjoying them more. Hey, take a look at those precious little ones that God has entrusted to you and stop feeling like a monster. Someday, when your little ones are older and in a different situation, maybe a pet will be appropriate. It should be when you are ready and not because a stray needs a home. In the meantime, Kitty needs to find a different home. Smile dear lady! You're doing right! Love you!!!!!

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