May 13, 2011


Life has changed so much since Finn has become part of our *world.* Tristan is no longer the a blink he changed from our littlest to our chunky little Koala Bear...almost two. He is still just as cuddly as ever...but he looks like such a big boy.
Trinity loves being older than TWO other kids in the family...she giggles every time Tristan says a new word or Finn coos or ahhs. She's quick to tell me when the baby is crying and is quite the big helper around the house. She has had some hard times too...just adjusting to a change in routine and adjusting to the new family dynamics. I'm confident though that she will remain her sweet little lovable self....she just has to be reminded now and then who SHE is.
Brady loves having his Gran Jan around and had so much fun taking rides in my parents big Ford truck. It's fun for the kids to be able to look forward to visits from other people....normally they just see me and Zac ALL of the time with hardly any kind of outlet. Speaking of outlets....Brady is currently working with zac on making a little movie titled "Cheetah Man" - should be a hoot. Brayden has been this so called "cheetah man" now for about 3 through our home at 2,000 miles per hour...he has the power to fly as well as zapping anything that needs zapping. Today he drew pictures of what the previews on his movie would well as the FBI warning. He's pretty obsessed with the idea that if you copy a movie you'll go to kind of thrills him to have that knowledge. :)

Zac is doing well...pretty anxious to hear from the Denver Fire Department in June. He's had a lot to handle over the last few weeks...I won't go into detail but there has been a LOT. I'm thankful that he's so steady and that he loves all of us so much. He's especially been enjoying hugging me....he keeps telling me how nice it is that he can wrap his arms all the way around me.
And as for me...I'm just thankful that I can MOVE again. It's so nice being able to breathe and walk and hold kids on my lap. Showers are no longer exhausting for me to take...and I'm enjoying most of my old clothes again. It's nice having more that 3 outfits to wear....
I am pretty tired in the early evenings but have had quite a bit of energy during the day...I'm even starting to feel creative already. Since Finn has come I've noticed that I'm so much calmer and even (if this can POSSIBLY be true about me) have felt kind of "laid back." Fun times.
So...there you all have it...another update on the youngest Corley family. No deep thoughts or life changing words from yours truly.... perhaps when I get more than 4-5 hours of sleep on a daily basis. :)

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Madeline said...

Sounds like you're doing great!! Finn is so cute. :)

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