May 3, 2011

Introducing Our Newest

Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate.
(Psalms 127:3-5 ESV)

I'm happy to introduce the newest addition of our family to you.....Finnian Arrow Corley. Zac and I are so proud of our new son and are both totally smitten with him. It feels like we have been waiting on him forever - even though in reality it's only been 9 months. Well...maybe in reality it's been 9 years since we always talked about having 4 children from the very beginning of our relationship. Finn has totally come into our lives and we are feeling so very complete.

The name Finn is Irish/Gaelic and means "fair"...and our Finn is indeed good lookin.' He came out with the best complexion and so very alert and...well....large (but we'll get to that.) His middle name Arrow is a bit different but we named him that to basically confirm what we believe about children...that they are indeed a blessing. My pregnancy with Finn came at a pretty trying time for us as a family. We already had 3 small children and society was beginning to make us feel a little dumb. We were told several times "what? oh my word how can you handle that" or "children are so expensive" or even "don't you think you've contributed enough to the planet's population." It would have been very easy to doubt what God tells us is *good* and to believe that we had made a mistake...that we wouldn't be able to be good parents to ALL of the kids, that we couldn't provide for them on one small income...that our oldest is special needs and adding one more to the family would be irresponsible.
God tells us that children our "arrows in the hand of a warrior." Children are tools that He uses in our lives for good...children can open relationships up with others, they allow us to in a small sense understand God's love for His Son, they give us a sense of *purpose*, they provide opportunities to serve others and to be served. Children are a weapon against selfishness and loneliness, and hopefully when they are older they will be good friends and even take care of us in return for our good care of them. Let me also state that God doesn't say what type of "child"...he simply says "children." This means ALL...adopted, premature, children of all races, kids with disabilites...all different personalities. Any child is an *arrow.*

So, we named him Finnian Arrow to tell the world that this pregnancy was no mistake and that God tells us that He will never give us more than we can handle. Let me also say that learning about Brady's Asbergers the month before Finn was born was also a good thing...I see how God timed Brady's diagnosis perfectly. I think that if maybe we would have known last year what we know now ...we may have chosen to not add another family member...I'm so thankful that we have our sweet baby.

And now for a very short run down on what happened....and I'm keeping it short ONLY because I'm tired and ready to be done typing now. :)

Friday Zac's mom was sweet enough to watch the kids for us so we could go on a three mile hike to a waterfall. Yessssss indeed...I walked 1.5 miles uphill. The next day the whole family went on a two mile hike...again adding some hills and going at a pretty brisk pace. That night (well, Sunday early morning) I woke up with spotting and some contractions. When I say "some" I mean only two in a hour. They were like that until about 9 in the morning where then they were 15 minutes apart. By 11 am they were about 10 minutes apart and not super intense...but significant. Zac and I went grocery shopping and went to Panera for a smoothie lunch. There was once during my meal that my contraction was super intense and I was trying not to glare at the people at the table next to me (they weren't even looking at's just the way I get when I'm having contractions folks.) We went home so I could rest but then every time I had a contraction it was really intense but still 10 minutes apart so I wanted to wait it out.

At 2 pm zac asked me if I was ready to go to the hospital and I looked at him and said "are you ready for me to go to the hospital?" He said he was. :) So, we got in the car and by the time we had gotten just a mile down the road I had to have him stop the car so I could get out and get through the the time we had gotten half way to the hospital (about 15 minutes in the car) they were three minutes apart and I was feeling very VERY upset. When we got to the hospital I jumped out of the minivan and wanted to run. I've never felt so crazy in all my life...if I could imagine having the "shakes" from some crazy addiction...I think that's what it would feel like.

We ran into the hospital and threw my admission papers at the nurse, I wouldn't lay down except for them to check me and I was 8 cm dialated...the doctor was 20 minutes away so they prepared the room as I walked all around the room making crazy remarks about how I couldn't believe this was happening to me and I just needed to push...the doctor got there and checked me and said "ok, we're having a baby." I laid back and screamed like a amazon woman...and popped that "little" dude out.....all 9 lbs 13 oz of him - 100% naturally...not even a numbing shot. I was checked in at 2:50 pm and he was born at 3:50 pm. Let me just say...I am so thankful that Zac was ready for me to get to the hospital or HE would been delivering Finn in the Ford Windstar on the interstate.


Heidi said...

Awww, what a sweetie; I can't believe how big he is! Proud of you, sounds like that was a whirlwind of a day.:) Can't wait to meet him!

Lesley said...

I love your family more than I can say and am so happy for the gift that was added to it. Congratulations to you all.

Nicole Spring (Frontier Dreams) said...


"So, we named him Finnian Arrow to tell the world that this pregnancy was no mistake and that God tells us that He will never give us more than we can handle."

Absolutely beutiful. You have so much wisdom, I feel I could learn a lot from you.

Enjoy your babymoon!!!!! XOXO

Bonnie said...

Hi Alyssa!
I've been checking everyday to see if Finn had joined you all- so glad he finally did!
I love the reason behind his middle name, that is so neat!
Congratulations on your beautiful boy, get lots of rest!

Laura said...

BEAUTIFUL post and totally HANDSOME boy! Congrats to all of you!!!! Can't wait to meet him!

Leat said...

Congratulations!!!! I have been thinking about you and praying for a safe delivery! He is precious!

The Toplovs said...

Thank God you made it to the hospital in time! Crazy how labor/delivery is so different each time around. Way to do it naturally, but I have to say, there is nothing wrong with a little numbing shot (although I too did it 100% naturally with both). Looking forward to following along as Finn grows. :)

Cindy said...

that top pic should be framed!!!

Madeline said...

I can't believe I haven't left a comment sooner! I saw this, but it was on my phone. And, sometimes commenting just won't work on there. I'm thrilled for you. What a sweet and beautiful little boy! Congratulations! I know you are over the moon for him. Hope you're getting some rest!

Madeline said...

P.S. Beautiful birth story! Good for you mama!!!

Summey Life said...

I totally agree about your kids. Children are a gift..all of them! Also 4 is NOT the big of a family...those people were out of control for saying those things to you. I think that Finn is an absolutely beautiful baby and I'm so glad that he is good for you. Hope all is well. Love you. Sarah

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