Apr 19, 2011

Eight Centimeters To Go

I've been trying to get this baby to come out of me...everything anyone COULD try I've been trying it. He may not be that big, but I'm ready to have his little butt diapered and wrapped in a receiving blanket then under my right set of ribs. As of Monday I was 80% effaced so things are indeed happening...I'm just being impatient as usual.
Severe mood swings have been upon me...today a huge serge in energy and I scrubbed the whole house. When I say "whole" house I mean...I washed the shower curtain, decluttered closets...even wiped down the hot water heater. My ice craving has gotten even worse, so bad that last night I was in bed, pjs on and I got up and drove 20 minutes to the closest Sonic to buy a bag of ice. Yes - at 10:45 at night I was on a ice hunt. I didn't realize I was out until that evening and I almost had a panic attach thinking of going today (Zac had the van) without it.
Here's to hydration and hopefully going into labor in the next couple of days.


hannah singer said...

bless your heart! may the baby come quickly!!
(sonic ice is THE best)

Madeline said...

Oh. my! Hope you're in labor as I type!! If not, have you tried evening primrose? That's what my midwife had me take. Sophia was here the day after my first dose of it. I think I got it at Walmart.

The Toplovs said...

Does Sonic Ice have different flavors? I've never heard of it before.

Leat said...

Praying for a smooth and blessed delivery for you!

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