Jul 4, 2011

Baby Number 3 Turns 2

Tristan turned two on June 29th...sniff sniff for me. This little Koala is so (cliche as it may sound) - SPECIAL to Zac and I. He is full of love and cuddles...something that we've needed a lot of in these past few months. In the evenings we sometimes hear him crying at his door...and we generally always get him up for extra cuddles....just because he seems to crave physical affection and he's so GOOD at giving it.

I don't know if it's just because he's number three or what...but he seems to be holding on to the "baby" a little longer then the older two kids - and I really don't mind one bit. In fact, for the most part, I enjoy it. Tristan has just started to talk a little....really just a bunch of gibberish but it's precious gibberish. He and Trinity are becoming good friends and I know that in the next couple of years he will love being a big brother to Finn....I have high hopes that those two will be the best of buds.

God was so good to give us Tristan River.

And a little off topic...but this cinnamon roll recipe from Money Saving Mom was delicious and didn't last around here long. So yummy and you can mix the dough up in the ol' bread machine.

And this picture is just...wellll...cause she's cute.


Madeline said...

Happy birthday to your little fella! Glad he's holding off on getting too big too fast. It's nice when they hold onto the babyness a little longer.

Matt, Laura, Haley and Baby said...

These are so CUTE - I love that last one. And I've been praying for you guys, as you deal with stuff you never imagined you'd have to deal with - it's been good to read your updates. Also, do you have Danyelle's blog? I guess I don't have it anymore, but maybe she doesn't keep it up anymore.

Toplovs said...

Looks like Tristan and Maiya share a b-day. :) His hair-do is adorable and what a blessing that he is a sweet, cuddly boy.

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