Jul 9, 2011

Summer Days....

Our summer days recently have brought us..... American Flag Toast - toast a piece of bread, smear it with cream cheese and strawberry jam...then create a flag using blueberries and sliced bananas. Super easy and kids think your totally creative and cool.

Fourth of July sprinklers! Brady tried to be brave...and was! Definitely not his most favorite past time but it was worth giving it a shot. :)

Bubbles every morning. Tristan has learned to say "bubbles" in the most adorable little voice ever. He runs up to me every morning and grabs my hand and says "bubbles" and then tries to lead me to where we keep them. The Dollar Tree is making a fortune off of us this summer do to Koala's new hobby.

Zac wins the award for this picture....

Swinging on the ol' rope . Aunt Kate showed my kids how to tie a loop on the end of their rope and ever since....squirrel spends about 2 hours a day swinging away.

Water play in the kitchen....no fears of sunburns in here.

And last but not least...peanut butter play dough! I just discovered this easy recipe this morning and the kids had a blast. I had to tell them before they began though that they could have one taste at the beginning of their play time and one after...and then the rest would need to be stored away for later. :) Stir together 1 cup of creamy peanut butter with 2 cups of powdered sugar and 1/2 cup of honey...instant sweet fun.

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