Jul 18, 2011

Rub a Dub Dub...3 Boys in a Tub

Finn looks terrified here...it was his first "bath experience." I know, I know.....11 weeks and w are just now bathing him. I'm just a huge fan of the ol' sponge bath - I hate having to grab their slippery little bodies and trying to not get water in their eyes...freaks me out. Anyways, I came home to find Zac bathing all three boys at once - it cracked me up. Looking at this photo now it makes me a little teary eyed to think of them all growing older....I'm trying to imagine them as men together (not in a bathtub lol.)
The days have been going so quickly. Last night I looked at the calender and thought "oh wow, finn is 9 weeks old today " and then upon further inspection I realized that he's actually 11 weeks! Yikes...obviously a busy mom.

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Toplovs said...

I haven't filled up the tub with Maiya, but she does get more than a sponge bath! I lay her on a towel in the tub and pour water over her and soap her up good! My deal is carrying her back to the room and praying she doesn't slip right out of my hands. :)

Cute picture of the boys.

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