Jul 23, 2011


Things are going...babies are growing - life is just passing...sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly. The Georgia heat is so completely miserable that I feel kind of caged up some days - I can seriously handle about 15 minutes outside and then everyone has to come in to cool off! Funny how during the winter you can't wait for warmth and then when the warmth gets here...you long for fall.

The kids are doing well...although I think they are a little tired of the heat too. Brady tells me almost everyday "I'm going to dry out if I stay outside mom, i don't think I'll go outside ever again...not until the end of summer." Hmmmm...poor little guy doesn't do well with any type of "discomfort." Tristan on the other hand is content to stay outside under the carport for HOURS just playing in the dirt. Zac brought him in yesterday and said, while cleaning rocks out of Tristan's hair, "Well, at least he's definitely a boy." :)

Bradyen is doing good. For the record....the question "So how is Brady doing?" is a hard question for me to answer. AS isn't something that "you get over" like a flu....some days are good (still different then *normal* good days with *normal* children) and some days are very very frustrating. Brady is obsessed with Power Rangers right now and spends almost his entire day transforming into the "white ranger" , showing me his cool moves, asking me "Ranger Trivia" and planning which costumes he wants to collect on certain months. He's been doing this for at least 6 weeks......I'm kind of wondering when the fun of Power Rangers is going to dissipate and some other new topic will take over our lives. :)

Zac is scheduled to fly to Colorado in a couple of weeks to take the C Pat test...we are SOOOO ready to find out some answers. So many of our plans are needing to be planned according to what happens with this job opportunity...the thing pressing right now is school for Brady. He should be starting kindergarten in August and we are realizing that he needs to go to school for the structure. i have always dreamed of homeschooling but that isn't my reality... I can't give him the kind of rigid schedule that he needs (not with taking care of my other kids) and he needs to learn how to handle himself in social situations. So....I most likely will teach him at least this fall (don't really know WHAT I will teach him since he already knows everything you would learn in kindergarten) and then hopefully we will know more soon as far as if we get to move or not!

Trinity is hilarious and everyone loves her. She recently told me that for my birthday I needed to get a new tummy and that i could color my hair red...super funny. We are trying to work with her on the whole "I want everything in the whole wide world." I want her to like things, have hobbies, have her own tastes....I don't want her to be greedy. So, that's a hard one. I enjoy shopping, I enjoy fashion and I love to decorate...I love fitness and cooking - so when she sees me buy something she doesn't understand why we can't buy the whole store. Same with food...if she has one plate of food she wants to have another and another.......Trinity is just in love with the business of living! My hopes are just to direct that love in the right directions - I am not a person that thinks it is wrong to spend money on yourself or to have nice things. I very much like quality....I very much love beauty and beauty can come in "things." God gave someone the ability to design...he gives people the ability to build and to sew and to create. There is something so good about making yourself and your home lovely.... I have to remind myself that it is even more important to make sure that my heart and countenance are lovely as well. So....that's my goal with Trin and myself for now....just learning to live and enjoy but not to be consumed.


Madeline said...

Your kids are beautiful and definitely growing! Hope y'all get answers soon about Zac's job.

Toplovs said...

The kids are looking so grown up and cute.

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