Aug 2, 2011

Progress Report

August....already. I remember last year at this time I had just found out that I was carrying little Finn...I was already looking up ideas for a handmade Christmas - already planning birthdays and getting my "seasonal recipes" ready. August means just a couple months until the's the homestretch of the summer. I hate August for being the hottest month of the year...and I love it simply for the hope that summer is almost over. :)
The kids are doing well...growing like weeds and eating us out of house and home. Our grocery budget seems to have *taken off* this it or not. Some of this comes because I refuse to feed them "junk" and we all know that fruit and veggies ain't cheap...guess we have to pick and choose what we want to spend money on.
Brady is doing well....still on a full blast power ranger rampade. Right now he is anxiously awaiting his Power Rangers RPM costume (I don't know what RPM stands but he says it's important) to come in the mail...don't will follow.

Trinity is still *simply sweet and sassy.* Don't know where she gets that from...ahem. She is getting tall and thinning out...her feet are now a size ELEVEN and she is in a 4t. Funny thing about her is that she still seems so petite to everyone....but her weight and foot size tell me otherwise. She loves to help me fold clothes and cook - I even pay her sometimes to keep her eye on Tristan. That's right....the promise of a quarter for her piggy bank can just about encourage her to do anything. :) We are trying to teach the kids about saving and spending - basically the value of money. Seems like they think it grows on trees or something....

Tristan is still lovable and all boy. He can identify every letter of the alphabet and knows his numbers 1 through 10. He loves to climb as high as he can and jump....meanwhile giving me heart failure. He is definitely going to keep Zac and I on our toes as he gets older - as if we aren't already. Even though he is high energy....he also has HOUR stretches of just playing by himself everyday....digging around int he dirt and rocks. I told Zac wherever our new home is someday a must is that we have a little fenced in space for our little boys to run free.

Finn is rolling over, laughing and cooing - just getting older and older with eachday. I wrote my mother today and told her that there is no way I can donate his old receiving blankets and onesies to a thrift store...just thinking about them in a dirty thrift store in a pile of clothes unappreciated makes my heart hurt. Generally I Think of myself as the Queen of Clearing Clutter - not this time. I think I'm going to box them all up and send them to the Tarahumara babies....I love thinking of those precious little angels wrapped in my baby's blanket....

Zac is leaving this Saturday for Denver to take his C Pat test...please remember him in your prayers for a safe flight.

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Toplovs said...

I think RPM stands for Revolutions Per Minute, which would probably fit into the idea of what a Power Ranger does. That is hilarious that he is on this PR kick!!

I can't believe you are actually looking forward to fall already, b/c fall means that winter is just around the corner!! We've hardly had much of a summer this year with all our rain and dull days, so perhaps that is why I wish fall was not so near. :)

And I second the grocery bill climbing. Jaida is always hungry and it seems we can never stock enough fruit around here.

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