Aug 26, 2011

Root Beer Floats X 5

This summer has made me an ice cream person...unfortunately. I've never really cared for it before...I's fine, but I'm more of a pie person - or cheesecake. I swoon for cheesecake. Yesterday was so hot that I was seeing mirages of cool natural springs with palm trees surrounding them....gentle breezes blowing. I saw buckets of ice and tall glasses of strawberry lemonade. Then I saw a root beer float. How long had it been since I had had one of those? Forever. Like I said before, I'm not generally an ice cream person and I'm FOR SURE not a soda person - but heat can change some things.

Trinity and I jumped into the van and made a quick Wal Mart run....the children were ecstatic over my purchases. :)

Yummylicious....this is one of their first times every tasting soda - I don't think it will be their last.

Finn just watched with a hungry look on his face...his turn to battle sugar and weight gain and blood sugar spikes will happen soon enough. Good luck little boy.

Today has been ever so good. I got two loads of laundry folded, healthy meals made for my kids...I read some books with the kids and then Brady and I watched a Power Rangers together...oh my. Brady is convinced that he is the gray ranger...I was just reminded of why I didn't watch this show when I was a pre teen. Pretty much it's as cheesy as they come. Brady enjoyed the quality time though and afterwards we read our latest issue of Kiwi magazine together. Now that was fun...tons of healthy snack ideas for kids and Brady seemed excited to try a few of them.

I do nothing "small." I'm kind of an "all or nothing" type personality...that came in to play today when i painted my nails for the first time in YEARS. I can't just have one color...I have to have three - with stripes and polka dots. I was inspired by this tutorial and I've been loving all the Navajo prints I've been seeing recently. I've always fancied myself as a "prissy rancher" - the kind that just look western but doesn't actually shovel manure. I own a ton of my cowgirl boots and gold hoop earrings - now if I could actually ever try riding a horse...

trinity was my big helper and held the baby for me while I waited for my nails to dry. She is the best little helper....she worked hard for at least 45 minutes today helping me sort her old clothes and clean up her room and move her furniture around. She always does it with such a cheerful spirit sweet little squirrel.

Today I'm happy with my progress in reclaiming "me." I felt grateful for my kids, for my home, and I enjoyed doing a couple things out of the "norm" the last couple of days that were budget friendly and fun for our family. Who knew that a carton of ice cream and a jar (or 4 or 5) of nail polish could bring such pleasure.

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MOM said...

How are those nails working for you today!!?? You are a hoot! I love everything about ya. Obviously, your kids do too; the floats were a great hit. I guess there is more than one SUPER HERO in your home:-)
I pray you continue to enjoy your family and show such love to your husband...God will bless-NO MATTER!

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