Sep 10, 2011

I love....

I love finding little places in my home...small cozy spots that say "I love you." A little knitted blankie, left on a couch (not forgotten for long by our very own "Linus".) A rack of magazines, holding books full of knowledge and creativity....projects to dream of and recipes to bake.

A love finding beauty in food, the simplicity of a white plate holding multigrain pancakes...soon to be topped with REAL maple syrup. Homey tastes, mouth watering scents....watching your babies gobble them down with smiles on their faces and saying "You're a good cooker mama."

I love chilly mornings and snuggly hoodies...wind blown blond curls and big blue eyes. I love little serious Koala faces....wondering about what it is that daddy just made.

A fire. A flickering soft fire...crackling wood and glowing embers. I love relaxing by a fire....drinking in the wood smoke scent (okay....not really drinking in since that would be bad for your lungs...I would never just suck it in. Yes I would.)

I love family time...outdoors. I love tall cups of coffee sitting on rocks, I love my littles running around the yard bringing me *treasures* that they find in the early morning light....I love soft breezes that make it just cold enough that sweaters are appreciated.

I love freshly washed sheets. I love my hand stitched quilts made by my great grandmother....I love to think of her and remember the sound of her laugh when I run my fingers across all of the multi colored fabrics.

I love my stack of blankets....most of them made by someone that loves me....and my children. I feel blessed to be part of a "crafty" family....on both sides.

I love my husband. I love that he is STILL a stud and can do anything that he puts his mind too. I love that he plays with our kids...that he laughs at them and with them. I love that he likes my cooking...whether it be homemade manicotti or a grilled cheese. I love that he doesn't pressure me. I love that he makes me bubble baths and takes care of the kids so that I can relax and unwind. I love that he holds my hand all of the time...on our porch swing, on the couch, riding in our van....he holds my hand protectively and possessively. I love my husband.

I love, every now and then, giving up my modern "healthy" ways and having a plate full of down home cooking. I love making my mama's Hoecake reminds me of my southern roots and where I came from. I love eating it and pretending that I'm a "mountain person"....Hoecake always reminds me of the book Christy and how the people always ate *corn pone and collard greens.* I love that book...I still have my copy that my Grandma sent to me when I was in 5th grade.

I love my princess helper...eager to learn to clean and cook. I love seeing her little dimpled fingers scrubbing dishes, playing with the sudsy water....the whole time taking her task very seriously.

I love that she works with a smile.

Today I love my life.

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