Sep 7, 2011

Cozy Weather is Back

Yah...I think it is officially "snuggly long sleeve, apple cider, scented candle" weather! Our area just got in a *little rain* over the last two days...about ten inches all together. The days were chilly and relaxing...too bad I accidentally deleted all of my cozy pics. I lit the oil lamps (we had electricity...I was just craving the glow) and I continued using my percolator. A couple of the afternoons had me lying in our bed next to the window so I could hear the rain on the close to a "tin roof" as I could get.

All of the kids did very well inside...I'd say Tristan grew the most restless - as two year olds usually do when they don't get to run and play.

This morning he was reunited with his rocks and dirt....he got to run through wet grass and throw shovels of gravel into the air...a dirty Tristan equals a happy Tristan.

...I think his bucket was lonely without him....

I love the way the earth looks and smells after a long good rain. The grass went from crisp and brown to green and lush. The roses are gorgeous...all bright and "accessorized" with their little rain drop jewelery.

We re hung more of our family photos...I moved some furniture around in our bedroom to make it as cozy as I can get it without spending a dime. After school work this afternoon, Brady helped me make some thumbprint cookies to go with our apple cider (can we just say sugar overdose?!) I love how lumpy the cookies look and how some of them have about two tablespoons of mounded up strawberry jam...and some have about half a teaspoon. Eating cookies in our house is like opening up a box of assorted don't ever know what you're going to find once you bite into them. :)

Trinity and I went to some consignment shops yesterday to look for some winter wear. Zac and I are trying to get back into our "money saving" ways...meaning buying used again. HOWEVER, I wasn't impressed at all with the prices I was finding. I got her this little coat and hat for a good price, but I'm just not into paying 7 dollars for a used long sleeve T shirt. That's just can buy them new for about that much. So...more shopping to come - more stores to browse. I'm definitely being a minimalist here lately (more than usual.) I bought Brady and Trin a hat...tristan has a knitted one from his grammy that use to be Brady's. I told both of the kids to keep their hats in their underwear drawer because they're only getting one....ha ha.

And last but not least....I found this little treasure at the consignment shop. I told Trinity she could pick out one book and I was thrilled beyond measure that she chose this one instead of a tinker bell or elmo type book. Little Bear is one of my kid's favorite videos....Tristan often comes up to me and says "Hi duck" - his little bear influence. Anyways, this book was printed in 1957 and it is so cute. I'm excited to have it in our rather sparse collection of reading material. I hope everyone is well and had a good Labor Day weekend....

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