Sep 4, 2011

Domestic...Is Back

My friends....the domestic Alyssa is back - in a big way. In a *cleaning with vinegar, digging out the percolator coffee pot, cooking up meals from scratch, and head swimming with craft ideas* type way. Yes indeed....I think I'm me again. Maybe it's the month of September that has given me this *burst* of energy (Lord knows I'm not getting any more sleep thanks to my night owl named Finn) - maybe God has given me another dose of hope....but I'm just feeling happy.
Today I did just a few things -
~planted our seasonal mums with the two middle kids (can you have two middle?!)
~washed a load of laundry
~cooked two meals
~gathered kindling for our outdoor fireplace
~chopped wood for our outdoor fireplace( okay, okay...just a few pieces but still....I did use an axe)
~did a hour of school with Brady and Trin

~played hide and go seek
~played Snow White (once again I had to be the evil queen...I never get to play the heroine)
~changed 8 diapers...cleaned up 3 pee messes
~ gave two kids bubble baths
~dug the percolator out of the shed (I'm craving REAL coffee...none of this coffee maker jazz)
~played Duck Duck Goose with three kids that found the game very complicated. ???
~trimmed Trin's hair
...and the list goes on - but I'll stop for now

Ah, just writing down all of my tasks (and there as some things missing from that list yall) makes me feel so productive. I think it's just the thought that fall is on it's way...the season of giving is just around the corner...children's birthdays are coming up - just a lot to look forward to. I got some of the things out of our shed that I had packed up (for the move that didn't happen) and it was kind of like opening up a Christmas package or something. I just kept thinking to myself "wow, I forgot we had this book" or "oh yah, that picture use to hang in the living room." Hanging my pictures up again and taking pride in my little home just felt so's nice to be content.

And speaking of packages....take a peek at my new earrings my good friend Danyelle sent to me. I'm loving them...and can't believe that a friend that lives all the way in Canada...and hasn't seen me for about 13 years or so - has such a good sense of "Alyssa taste." It was such a nice little "pick me up" to open my mail box and find some fall clothes for the kids and chocolate for me(I HAVE been sharing) ....such a blessing (thanks dear are a gem).

During craft time today (wow...this post is really ALL OVER THE PLACE isn't it?) I came up with the idea...literally in 2 minutes. It was like this "here kids, everyone grab a piece of wood. Hmmmm...we can stick these little jewel flowers I have on them (thanks Grandma Grace) and then...oh, we can draw stems. Oh know what? Lets tape on some cotton balls for clouds!" Yes..that's the way I "school" my kids. But in the end...we had craft time, reading and writing and a math page with Brady, Bible songs and ABC's with Tristan, Trin learned to write the letter C and D and then she did an alphabet game on the computer. All in all...everyone learned something (except Brady...he already knew all of it.)

I know, I creativity is inspiring. The "stems" are made from a black permanent marker and a green crayon. If I had actually thought it all out beforehand, I could have painted the board blue for contrast and to create a "sky." I'm sure that would have added so much more "drama" here (sarcasm is GREATLY implied if you're wondering.)

The kids thought they were amazingly beautiful though....I'm just wondering how long I'll need to keep them around before "donating" them somewhere. I'm not really serious (yes I am.)

Curly locks, Curly locks

Wilt thou be mine?

Thou shalt not was dishes

Nor yet feed the swine,

But sit on a cushion

And sew a fine seam,

And feed upon strawberries,

Sugar and cream.

Well, she probably won't be feeding swine anytime soon, but she'll definitely be washing a few dishes in her day.

And now, my head is swimming with ideas for our rainy day tomorrow. I have cinnamon rolls in the fridge ready to bake in the morning (recipe from and the coffee set up on the stove. The babies are all asleep and I'm HOPING that I will get some rest myself. i calculated that I haven't slept through the night for at least 7 months now....since Finn has been born I've been up every 2-3 hours STILL. It's okay though...some days are rough without the sleep...but honestly, sometimes i just love the extra snuggle time with my littlest.

God is good...even in times of "wandering" and "forgetting"...times of feeling insecure and times of questioning - God's love remains the same. His gifts remain the, forgiveness, and beauty - these things are always constant and available for anyone that wants them...and sometimes if you don't.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day weekend,




CorleyAunt said...

Your post made me smile. I LOVE your mums and even though I've planted my "fall garden" of greens and herbs, I may have to go get a couple of mum plants because your's look so pretty!

Toplovs said...

Cute craft idea. I think the best crafts are the ones that just "happen," and when the kids are allowed to be creative on their own without us parents interferring. :)

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