Sep 1, 2011

Hello September

Life is a celebration...days like today remind me of that. The first day of September brought us a lot of outdoor time...songs on the porch swing, pulling weeds around the rose bushes, playing in swimming pools - finding two little surprises in a bucket! The kids squeals were so hilarious as I let the mom and baby lizards would have thought I had let go two rattlesnakes by the way Trinity took of screaming.

We made a pumpkin soup for the first time ever....quite tasty. I was inspired by a documentary I watched called Ingredients...basically about eating locally and enjoying seasonal fruits and veggies. After watching the video I had gardening fever big time. I got so inspired to just "work" with my hands out in the sunshine that I pruned our rose bushes and weeded around them...and then couldn't find anything else to "gather" since I don't even have as much as a tomato plant this year!

So, I collected pine cones instead. I love pine cones (God's ornaments) so much....acorns, little berries, pine needles and patches of moss...I've always been infatuated by all of their simple beauty. It reminds me of my imagined fairy world that i use to dream of when I was little...and still sometimes do if I'm perfectly honest. :)

I mean...just look at these beauties! God is so very creative - the sounds of nature, the colors of outside and the scents of flowers and pine sun on hard packed dirt...ahhh, what a creator we have. I don't know how some people can doubt God's existence when such power and beauty surrounds us all on a daily basis. Even if you don't live in the country where nature surrounds you...EVERYONE has a sky to look at...a cloud to glimpse - a moon to admire. God is everywhere.

And then for an indoor of the babes. Sometimes when I lay out fresh towels for my littles and make a tub (or sink) full of warm water and bubbles - I almost feel a little envious of the luxurious life they live. be waited on hand and foot...just a life of play and sippy cups full of milk...warm baths and snugly blankets with instrumental music to fall asleep too. They are living the life....just not aware of it yet.

Finn wasn't so sure this is the life he wanted to live....He wasn't to thrilled by the "serene" environment I created for him.

No matter...he was soon done and bathed - this picture is here just for kicks. Doesn't he look stoned?

Yesterday I made oatmeal cookies and coffee for family "snack.' Not always a daily tradition...but it's so FUN giving kids coffee (decaf mind you.) They act as if when you hand them the mug of coffee, you're handing them their maturity or something. My kids like drinking mostly cream and sugar however....

Oh...little side note. You may notice a little band aid on Zac's eyebrow....he had a little run in with our fridge - i kid you not. He banged his eyebrow bone into the corner of the fridge while he was playing with Tristan and for a minute we thought he may need stitches. Zac does, indeed, have the worst luck out of anyone I've ever met. Just sayin.'

And lastly, my little love today...when finding out that it was the first of September....looked at me and cried "Oh's September? We forgot to move to Colorado mom!" I told him that we didn't forget, per say...we just don't get to. "Oh no" he said, tears forming in his blue eyes "now we'll NEVER get to live there mom. We'll be here forever." Child after my own heart. I quickly let him know that we won't be here forever...that we are just being patient and still enjoying our little house in Tunnel Hill. He was hopeful....and so am I.


Madeline said...

I'm so behind on blog reading. I can't believe how big Finn is getting!
Sounds like y'all had a beautiful day. God really is an incredible creator.

Julianna said...

Okay, so I have cookie tip for you. Next time you want to make chocolate chip cookies, try substituting the chocolate chips with rice krispies and some coconut. YUMMO! I always use half butter half canola oil in my recipe too. :) Glad you are staying positive. Tough to do, but writing it all out just helps us remember it, no?

CorleyMom said...

Beautiful post, as usual. Brady's comment brought tears to my eyes. You're doing such a good job inspiring hope in his little heart.

Mama C

Toplovs said...

I want to grab Finn and squeeze him to death. He so adorably chunky! If you liked your pumpkin soup I've got a very yummy recipe: Lentil-Butternut Squash Soup. If you're interested I'll e-mail it to you. Glad you are enjoying the first days of September. I'm trying hard not to freak out about another long, cold winter!

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