Aug 31, 2011

Simple Pleasures

We've been eatin' watermelon. Shame on me for not knowing that my kids LOVE it so much. I mean...I knew they liked it (I've blogged about this fruit before)...but they LOVE it. My neighbor (the nice one) brought us over a melon fresh from her friend's garden...and my kids were ecstatic. However, the time of day she gave it to us was not condusive for cutting it up and dividing the goods amongst my watermelon hungry children. Zac wasn't home, the sun was going down...and I just didn't want to dive into the sticky mess. My children begged me...pleaded for me to cut it open - but I stood firm. :)

Zac and I (for some silly reason called "tradition") have made melon cutting a *daddy thing.* So, I promised the kids that the following afternoon would be full of juicy goodness and kiddie pools, and that seemed to suffice.

Tristan was pleased with this afternoon's agenda of eating and being messy. This kid can chow down - when it's on healthy goodness I really don't care. But honestly...eating and making messes are his most favorite things.

Plus, everything is just so much more fun and PLEASANT looking when Zac is home. I mean, really....he's hot stuff.

And little sweet pea...once again ...just had to watch and dream of the day that he can grow teeth and chomp on food. Little bug here isn't so little these days...he's plumping up quite nicely. I think rice cereal is still a long way off for us. I try to wait usually until about 8 or 9 months before starting solids at all....we'll see how that goes for this mammoth child.

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Madeline said...

Sweet summer fun! We wait until late to start babies on food too. Actually we skip rice cereal entirely and just go straight to soft finger food when they're ready.

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