Dec 27, 2011

December Has Brought Us....

...the opportunity for Zac and I to join forces (his skill and my creativity) to make a lovely little kitchen for our best girl. :)

We bought this end table at salvation Army for 5 dollars...after Zac sanded and painted it, he cut a hole in the top for the copper sink (a 3 dollar bowl from Salvation Army.) Then we used squares chunks of wood painted black with silver painted Popsicle sticks for the oven.

....Another year to celebrate our boy. December 19th Brady turned the big SIX , a long awaited age for him for some reason. :)

.... a play date at Chucke Cheese with tons of tokens

.... a birthday apple pie with whipped cream

....a bouquet of pink daisies from my love, him trying to brighten my day and bring the outdoors in.

.... boxes of goodies and cards from family

.... me remembering I'm loved

...bubble baths in the sink, the whole family giggling at Finn splashing.

... Finn crawling like an expert and now sitting up by himself

....smores on the porch

.... lovely fires made by my fireman

.... long gentle rains outside

.... a new haircut for a little squirrel.

.... baking together and planning Christmas menus

.... wrapping boxes and boxes of presents

.... more opportunities to tell my children the story of Jesus and what His existence means to us.

.... letting the kids go *sprinkle crazy*

.... cute little pottery barn holiday plates, 25 cents from the consignment shop

.... deals and bargains....5 Melissa and Doug toys for 10 dollars shipped

.... 2 dozen gingerbread cookies

.... 1 quart of eggnog

.... a holiday honeybaked ham enjoyed with our dear Andy and Kristi

.... Christmas m&ms

...another month of my life to love and be loved by this amazing man

... being more spoiled on Christmas morning then my kids (ha ha ha)

.... the thrill of Christmas morning and the kids waking up to find gifts under the tree

.... giggles and laughter and wrapping paper all over the floor

.... balls bouncing, puzzles pieces scattered, doll clothes strewn about

.... chaos = our crazy life

... a blue eyed Koala learning to speak more, learning all of his shapes and numbers and saying to me "are you okay mama" when I cough or sneeze.

... a two week flu

.... lots of hot tea with honey

.... peppermint mochas at every available opportunity

....Christmas morning bringing me these comfy slippers after two months of frozen toes. :)

.... the kitchen floor sagging even more than before

.... the dog chewing our Christmas lights

.... the dog chewing our shoes

.... the dog waking us up at 2 am every morning

.... the dog barking on the porch

.... the dreams of next year

.... new hope

...making the choice to be done nursing my sweet Finn after much HARD deliberation and feelings of unnecessary guilt (praise God for a full night sleep last night!)

... being done being pregnant and nursing after 1,887 days without a break (not to mention my pregnancy with Brady .)

...oh yah...and Brady loving school!

The End...and more to come in the New Year

1 comment:

Toplovs said...

When Ezra saw the pictures of your kids at the top of the blog he goes, "Oh, what a cute baby!" :)

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