Dec 7, 2011

New Student

Brady has now almost completed THREE days of school...and I'm just now blogging about it. Our life has just changed in...we have a schedule FINALLY. Brady goes to school, comes home, he needs to have after school snack, shower, playtime, homework, supper, read out loud...pack school lunch, lay out clothes for the next day...have his hot tea and watch his nightly National Geographic - and to bed. Phew.
So far he is loving ALL of it. Yesterday as he was running to me from our driveway (the bus had just dropped him off) he grabbed my hand, and smiling said 'I kind of love school mom.'
The above picture is from his first day of school....nice and early at 6:40 am. His days start early...loads up on the bus at 6:55 and is dropped off at 3:00. This means that he needs to be in bed by seven....needless to say I'm missing my little boy. He's having so much fun and is bringing home all sorts of facts and stories to tell I'm glad that he's happy. For the last couple of nights though he has said right before going to sleep "Uh, mom...if I go to school everyday then that will mean I will miss you a lot."

I'm going to leave this post as it is...some other day I'm sure i'll fill you all in about how "my heart truly feels...." and all that stuff....but for now I'm still processing. his new monster hoodie?


Julianna said...

You watch Alyssa, that structure and knowing what to expect and what is expected of him will change and mature him in a very, very good way. Try and visit with teacher as much as possible and get key phrases and tips they use for more success at home too!

So glad he loves school!

kate fried said...

:-( to missing each other all day but :-) to happy schedules. that must be a HUGE transition for everyone involved. thinking about you guys!

Toplovs said...

How sweet to hear your son say he's going to miss his mama a lot! :)

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