Dec 3, 2011

Deck the Halls

It's been a few days since we "decked the halls"... and I'm enjoying all of the twinkeling lights that Zac has strung around our house - inside and out. Trinity had the honor this year of going with her daddy to pick out the perfect nice this year to have my grandfather's old truck to bring their findings home in - definitely beats strapping a tree to the top of a minivan.

Zac strung the lights....we also have bright multicolored ones around our porch and in our bushes.

Every year I give each of the kids an ornament that reminds me of hopes that someday when they are older they will each have their own box of ornaments to take with them to their own homes. I chose this pretty little pair of ballet slippers for represents how much she loves to dance and her dream to take ballet. Brady got an ornament that looks like a sandcastle....this year he learned to love the ocean and he got in the water unassisted for the first time. Tristan got a puppy dog to remind him of the year he got his first pet...our little Ozzy. And for Finn...I found an ornament that says "little sweat pea" which is what I use to call him before he was born.

Tristan loves the tree and lights so much....he has shown more excitement over Christmas than any of our other children have at his age. Everytime he sees the lights come on he says "Oh, beautifulllllll!"

And Finn finds crawling under the brances better than any mobile ever made....he loves the feel of the brances. Baby's first Christmas....can't believe it's already that time.

The star for the top was lost for this photo...I finally found it yesterday in our shed. Someday I will become more organized.

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