Nov 24, 2011

With Thanksgiving

We celebrated a day early this year - zac has to work Thanksgiving Day and the day after. At first this thought stressed me out...but now I'm pretty pleased with how it all turned out. Today, while the rest of the world is baking and mixing, washing dishes and stuffed to the gills - I am enjoying leftovers in a clean kitchen....things do work out. :) So...without further list of thankfulness. :)

1. For a little boy that loves to cook....
2. for my sweet deal last year on an entire of case of organic canned pumpkin - saving me money this year when things are tight
3. for my comfy sweater that fits me this year...because I'm NOT pregnant. :)

4. For a lovely thrifted nativity set given to us be a lovely sister in law - thanks Lesley
5. For a little girl that loves simple things.

6. Being able to celebrate Jesus and focus on giving

7. For my mom's sweet potato recipe...and how it's become a favorite of everyone that's ever tasted it.

8. For an apron made by my Great Grandmother...given to me by my Grandma

9. For the warm color of deep orange

10. For little hands learning to help

11. For a little baby taking in the sight of his first Thanksgiving turkey (don't worry...he only got sweet potatoes. )

12. For 13 pounds of bird that will make us a month of meals.

13. For God graciously giving us a home to live in, pretty things to look at, food for our bellies....people to hug, cheeks to kiss - and a table that EXTENDS when we are blessed with more than what will normally fit.

14. For a little Koala that gives me and Zac hope and gives our faces a smile on a daily basis.

15. For a man that gives me everything a woman could ever want

16. For a marriage that is flourishing even in tough times

17. For knowing another person completely, no secrets between us

18. For being gifted with marrying my first love

19. For deep green adoring eyes

20. For a rowdy game of football after a perfect lunch

21. For silly moments

22. For Zac's awesome moves

23. For a daughter that loves photography...notice what's happening in the background...

24. For these loves of mine...and the one not photographed - taking his afternoon siesta

25. For joy

Happy Thanksgiving Friends


Toplovs said...

That might possibly be the most adorable apron I have yet to see. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for one the kids can share.

I'm curious now about this sweet potato recipe. Perhaps you could post it??? I want to try a new one this year and came across a blog for a coconut sweet potato one. Since our family was not together for Thanksgiving, I'm looking forward to the turkey dinner at Christmas.

So glad you had a nice Thanksgiving together, even if it wasn't on the exact day. :)

aubrey said...

i am thankful for such an awsome and articulate friend who gives thanks with such abandon. ps i LOVE that sweater!

MOM said...

I am thankful for a daughter so blessed. We are happy to see and read of your good times-- though you have had your share of hard times lately. Dad and I love you tons!!

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