Nov 17, 2011

Light and Inspiration

At last the sun came out, hand in hand with his friend *cool breeze*, to say *hello* and let us know that the rain had gone on vacation and would be back another afternoon. How wonderful for the littles to be able to go out a bit, hats on their heads...coats buttoned up and boots on their feet for a trample in the fallen leaves. I think everyone in our home was feeling pretty cooped up...and God's sunshine was just what we needed for a general *lift.*

Lovely sun pouring through the of my MOST favorite things on earth. I love the warmth it brings, the happiness ...the light. I'm a person that needs a good dose of Vitamin D...I thrive on soothing colors and fleece blankets and wool socks - my hands wrapped around a steaming cup of tea or coffee....flickering candles and the soft glow of oil lamps. I thrive on homey goodness...warmth.

Oh...she does too. :) She's another one of my favorite *things* - as well as this little set of thrifted Starbucks espresso cups and saucers. I was in the local consignment shop the other day and snagged a set of four for seven dollars. They are the perfect size for little hands and I love that in the center of each a peppermint. :)

My littles love the colors - aren't they so cheery?

And because of the general "good mood" I was blessed with today, I got all domestic and baked a pan of gluten free carrot raisin muffins (wow....that was a mouthful) for tomorrow morning's breakfast - I thought they would go well with a pan of scrambled eggs smothered in cheese. Anything is good smothered in cheese.

The kids enjoyed puzzle time - Trinity can put together ANYTHING and Brady is learning the capitals of all of the well as their nicknames. It's fun learning with your children.

Another favorite "thing" I *little bug* and his red cap. The hat was Tristan's at one time...gifted to us by Aunt Kate who has my shared love of thrifting and crafting and so I've found that we have pretty similar taste....expressed differently, but still along the "homey" and "artsy" side of things. Little Finn decided to keep Zac and I up almost all night last night, well....his growing teeth did. Poor little guy, and I'll say it....poor us. At the same time, here's to eating more solids and a long life of chewing the heck out of food! Here Here!!

All in all, a good day. I'm finally getting excited about the holidays even though they will be a bit on the lonely side this year. Zac is working Thanksgiving and the day well as Christmas Eve. Just me and my littles - so I'm determined to still bring forth the holiday cheer and Good Will Towards Men and all that jazz. Next week I'll be making a quick run to the craft store to find some supplies for making stained glass on contact paper...and idea I saw on the blog Sew Liberated (on my sidebar if you find the time to take a peek.)

And also, can't tell - Zac and I are planning on making Trinity her own play kitchen inspired by this lovely blog. We found an end table today at the thrift store for 5 dollars - it's pretty worn and ugly looking - but after a couple of coats of white paint and some fake stove burners and a copper sink....I think we're going to have a very original "piece of lovely" on our hands. Stay tuned for before and after pictures....and keep your fingers crossed.


Toplovs said...

You scored big time on that Starbucks tea set. Love the colors and design. We've been having more tea parties around here now that our weather is FREEZING!!! :)

And.....I so wish that either my husband or I (or both of us) were gifted with hands-on projects. That play kitchen is so adorable and to think that some stores charge an upward of $200. You can probably make it for $50 with all the colors and touches YOU (Trin) would like. Great idea!!!! Looking forward to the "big reveal." :)

Madeline said...

Beautiful! Love the tea set especially. Stephan works through the holidays as well. :( He does at least have off the day after thanksgiving but works the rest of the weekend. And, he'll have Christmas day off, but be working the rest of the week. Sigh. I'm trying to just be okay with his crazy schedule. It's hard sometimes though.

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