Jan 14, 2012


Oh yah....I have a fourth child...one that might appreciate a *shout out* now and again. Little Finny finn finn....my bug. Finn is getting so big, I honestly almost always think he's ten months old. Seriously. Even when he was 7 months people would ask me his age and I would say "oh, um...not sure...I think about 9 months or so?" I'm still not exactly sure how old he is...i think 8 months? Someone else do the math please. He was born May 1st, 2011...for some reason my brain can't compute those numbers...a little scary that I'm now doing our family check book.

Finn is standing up by himself and holding on to things while walking. Yep...we got another fast one. He's definitely not as "chill" as Tristan was. He loves little finger foods and I'm trying my best to raise a vegetarian...we'll see how far I get in that. He worships lentils and sweet potatoes and has a healthy appetite for grapes (cut in quarters of course....don't freak out on me...remember he's my fourth. That makes me an expert in babyhood goings on.)

He's just plain cute and lovable. Zac and I will sit with Finn after the kids go to bed and just smile at him....he's like it when I sing "not by the hair of my finny finn finn."

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Madeline said...

I can't believe how big he is getting! Such a cutie too!!

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