Jan 5, 2012

Asking and Believing....

So Christmas break is over and our boy is back at school. His first day went well although he came home quite distressed about not knowing how to do *tallys.* I wasn't really sure what he was talking about until I opened his backpack and found a paper that was incomplete with TEACHER WRITING (you know the kind....big red cursive letters that make your insides squirm) at the top. It said something to the tune of "please have Brayden finish this at home. He had 15 minutes to do it in class and this is all he did." The "all he did" was some light scribbling in pencil. I asked him about it and he simply said "I didn't understand mom. Did the teacher say I did very good today or not very good today?" Melt your heart.

Today I got an e mail from his teacher saying that he had a great day yesterday but for me to "please work with him at home on doing his tasks at school during their 15 minute alone activity time." She said that everyday the kids have 2 different 15 minute periods where they have to sit at work on an assignment and that Brady never does his work. I took it all in good grace...but I think if she would have simply said "can you please buy a $2,000.00 dollar airplane ticket to go around the world and then stop in Aspen Colorado and climb a summit in the dead of winter completely naked" I would feel like that would be more in my grasp. Now....how to teach a child with Aspergers to sit by himself at a table and work on a task that he doesn't understand for 15 minutes...great. Easy Peasy for sure.

After I explained the homework to him....looking into his eyes and giving him an example first, he completed the paper in 2 minutes perfectly. Ahhhhh yes, I'm perfect. Okay...so maybe not - but I DO know my kid.

We celebrated the new year with sparklers and chocolate dipped pretzels...even a glass of champagne (or two...oh yah, and margaritas.) It was a great time had by all. I don't really have any "resolutions" so to speak, but I am excited about a couple of concepts that I hope to practice MORE in this new year. One is, I'm going to be more grateful. When I'm feeling low I'm going to close my eyes and picture something truly lovely...something that brings me happiness and I'm going to try to hold on to that thought. I'm going to really feel thankful, not just say it.

The other thing is...I'm going to ask God for things. Nothing is too big and it's not selfish of me to ask God for a 4 bedroom house, or a flower garden, or a date night with my husband or a 5 minute shower. I'm just simply going to ask, I'm going to envision me doing it...and I'm going to believe that it's going to happen. I'm going to try and have unwavering faith and stop trying to think to much about what my "heart intent" is. I've decided I really don't like that saying about how God answers in three ways - yes, no, and wait. I think if you think that He may say "no" then you won't have unwavering faith. In the end, you'll figure it out or He will bring something else about that will change your want or that will satisfy you...but I know in my heart...that after asking for something for a couple of years and it doesn't happen, I resign myself to "God is saying no." Maybe He is just saying wait? Who knows....which is why I'm not going to think about it...I'm just going to ask.

oh yah...and I'm taking B vitamins (thanks Julianna) and exercising now. Just needed to throw that in there. Oh yah, and I'm doing a detox in a week....and weaning myself from sugar for the month..and.....

We had a quiet day for our anniversary thanks to no babysitters ha ha. Eight years together....4 kids later, and I love my husband more and more. This year I hope to grow in being kinder to him with my words and considering him first before all others...not letting him get lost in my mounds of laundry and my always full sink of dishes (wait wait wait, I'm not focusing on negative, I'm picturing a beautiful butterfly flitting through the air, basking in the warm sun of spring....)

So....here are two of my dreams for my future and they may seem silly but I'm going to put them out there....they are longings of my heart.

1. I would love a 4-5 bedroom home, with a master bedroom that has lots of sunlight and lots of privacy...possibly my OWN bathroom.

2. I want to go to Italy for my 10th anniversary...maybe that summer?

3. I want to write a book someday...maybe in my 40's hahaha.

4. I want to learn to play the guitar (I've wanted that since I was 16 and you're never to old to learn.)

5. I want to be involved with the world of homeless people...I want to be a bigger part than giving them change from my pocket.

6. I want to run a marathon by the time I'm 30 (that gives me 2 years and 9 months)

The End

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