Mar 29, 2012

Simple but Lovely

We're still least four of us are. The two boys, Brady and Tristan, are definitely not into it. My hunky hubby and littlest little, however, are pretty durn enthusiastic about our daily carrot juice .
I mean...seriously. Just check out that vat of frothy goodness - this time tinted with red (I added a beet.) The beet wasn't bad at all...tasted earthy. I know what you're thinking "You mean it tasted like dirt Alyssa." Well, kind of sort of but GOOOOOOD dirt. The kind of dirt that you smell when it rains...soft and , well, EARTHY (like I said before.) And it was sweet too from the carrot and apple. Good sweet earth.
Plus,with beets, you get to have an unnaturally bright pink tongue...which is always lots of fun for all.
Tristan isn't into drinking juice....just playing in sunshine. I was walking out to our minivan yesterday and almost stepped on this little mound. A booby trap perhaps? Who knows.....
I'm sure this sweet little person could never devise something so very devious...I mean just look at that angelic face. He's very suave.
And now, best get back to my oodles of dishes. The glasses and pots call to me all day long, at every waking moment. The dishes are never ALL clean.
Having these pretty little flowers sitting on my windowsill make it worth my efforts though....they're so pretty to look at - makes the hours of dishwashing almost bearable. I love the way the sun shines through the water...I love the white sink against the translucent glass. I've decided I'm in love with white (it's about blame time, I'm the fairest person I've ever met.)
And just to leave you with something cute to look at - isn't the back of a baby's head just the sweetest thing EVER? I love the folds of skin on their neck, their light silky hair and those teeny weeny ears....I could just eat him up.
It's been a good day. I've played, exercised, baked cookies, washed and folded two loads of laundry, packed away three boxes of winter clothes, rearranged a bedroom .... cooked three meals plus snacks, changed about 8 diapers and washed down the highchair a total of three times. I've hugged toddlers and held a fevered baby, helped with math homework and taught a preschool reading my Bible and was inspired, sat on the porch swing and felt the breeze....picked a bouquet for the table. It was a simple day but a lovely one....

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Nonii said...

your babies are so beautiful!!
loved this post, course i pretty much love them all=)

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